WP Trading Cards : 2017 National Scout Jamboree

2017 National Scout Jamboree Collectors Edition cards were produced by the WP Society for the Boy Scouts of America. The 100-card series was distributed to attendees of the 2017 National Scout Jamboree held July 19–28, 2013, at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean, West Virginia. Every Scout received 13 free packs upon arrival. Each foil pack contains eight cards.

Each base card #1–100 has a gold foil parallel. The National Jamboree mobile app provided clues to locate a secret "Golden WP Society" card featuring Waite Phillips and Wayne M. Perry. The secret card is limited to 1,000 copies. Scouts that completed a 101-card set received a free Linerlock knife.

WP Trading Cards : 2017 National Scout Jamboree #86 Neil Armstrong

The series features a 1964 NASA photograph of Neil Armstrong from Project Gemini (S64-31453). Armstrong achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1947 with Troop 14 of Wapakoneta, Ohio. Commander Armstrong carried a World Membership Badge to the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Armstrong received the Silver Buffalo Award in 1970, and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award in 1973.

The National Scout Jamboree previously distributed astronaut trading cards in 1989 and a Neil Armstrong card in 2013.

Scouting Heritage
1 Robert S.S. Baden-Powell
2 Daniel Carter Beard
3 William Dickson Boyce
4 Carroll A. Edson
5 E. Urner Goodman
6 William Hillcourt
7 William T. Hornaday
8 Waite Phillips
9 The Unknown Scout
10 Ernest Thompson Seton
11 Russell H. Smart
12 James E. West
WP Society
13 David S. Alexander
14 Ed and Jeanne Arnold
15 Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
16 Harry E. Bovay Jr.
17 Jack D. Furst
18 J. Brett Harvey
19 James C. Justice II
20 Wayne M. and Christine Perry
21 Trevor Rees-Jones
22 Walter Scott Jr.
23 Rex W. Tillerson
Scouting Philathropists
24 Steven A. Antoline
25 Norman R. Augustine
26 Joseph Simon Brown
27 Paul R. Christen
28 Philip M. Condit
29 Consol Energy Inc.
30 Joe R. Crafton Jr.
31 John C. Cushman III
32 Douglas H. Dittrick
33 Terrence P. Dunn
34 Craig E. Fenneman
35 T. Michael Goodrich
36 John E. Gottschalk
37 John D. Harkey Jr.
38 Harold S. Hook
39 Lyle R. Knight
40 Dr. Richard H. Leet
41 J. Willard Marriott Jr.
42 Francis R. McAllister
43 Charles M. Pigott
44 Lonnie C. Poole Jr.
45 J.W. and Hazel Ruby
46 Randall L. Stephenson
47 Ernie L. Thrasher
48 John D. Tickle
49 Gene H. Yamagata
Past BSA Presidents
50 Norman R. Augustine
51 Ellsworth Hunt Augustus
52 Kenneth Karl Bechtel
53 Matthew Norton Clapp
54 John L. Clendenin
55 John W. Creighton Jr.
56 William F. Cronk
57 John C. Cushman III
58 Irving J. Feist
59 Dr. Robert M. Gates
60 John E. Gottschalk
61 Walter William Head
62 Harold S. Hook
63 Amory Houghton
64 Downing B. Jenks
65 Edward C. Joullian III
66 Dr. Richard H. Leet
67 Colin H. Livingstone
68 Dr. Thomas C. Macavoy
69 Sanford Noyes McDonnell
70 Milton Alexander McRae
71 Arch H. Monson Jr.
72 John D. Murchison
73 Wayne M. Perry
74 Charles M. Pigott
75 Robert W. Reneker
76 Roy S. Roberts
77 John Mortimer Schiff
78 Mortimer Loeb Schiff
79 Randall L. Stephenson
80 James Jackson Storrow
81 Rex W. Tillerson
82 Milton H. Ward
83 Thomas John Watson Jr.
84 Edward Earl Whitacre Jr.
Famous Scouts
85 Hank Aaron
86 Neil Armstrong
87 Walter Cronkite
88 Gerald R. Ford
89 John F. Kennedy
90 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
91 Branford Marsalis
92 H. Ross Perot
93 Mike Rowe
94 Jimmy Stewart
95 Joe Theismann
96 Sam Walton
97 John Wayne
98 E.O. Wilson
Scouting Founders
99 Gold Standard: Ernest Thompson Seton, Daniel Carter Beard, Robert S.S. Baden-Powell
100 Index
Golden WP Society
NNO Waite Phillips, Wayne M. Perry (1,000 copies)