1967 Brooke Bond Canada : Transportation through the Ages

1967 Brooke Bond Canada : Transportation through the Ages

Transportation through the Ages (Le transport à travers les âges) was published in 1967 by Brooke Bond Canada Ltd. The 48-card illustrated series showcases the history of human transport from an elephant to the Apollo Saturn V rocket. The cards were distributed with Red Rose and Blue Ribbon tea and coffee from Brooke Bond Canada. A similar collection was previously released in 1966 by Brooke Bond in England titled Transport through the Ages.

Transportation through the Ages was illustrated by Richard Ward and Charles L. Ripper. The text was authored by Arthur G. Bourne. Howard I Chapelle, curator of transportation at the United States National Museum, served as a consultant.

Each card measures approximately 36 x 68 mm. The card text is printed in English and French with varying descriptions for each language. The series was printed with blue or red text variations. Brooke Bond Album No. 10, Transportation through the Ages, was sold separately for 25 cents. The series was lithographed in Toronto by The Walker Press Ltd.

1967 Brooke Bond Canada : Transportation through the Ages #48 Apollo Space Rocket 1967 Brooke Bond Canada : Transportation through the Ages #48 Apollo Space Rocket

"Apollo Space Rocket" depicts an artistic rendition of the Apollo Saturn V launch vehicle. The three-stage, 363 foot (110.6 m) rocket was designed and built under the direction of Wernher von Braun at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The first launch of the Saturn V was Apollo 4 (AS-501) on November 9, 1967. The Saturn V was used to launch the Apollo missions to the Moon from 1969–1972.

The Saturn V rocket designated for Apollo 18 was modified for the Skylab 1 space station, launched on May 14, 1973. The Skylab Orbital Workshop replaced the S-IVB third stage, which today is on display at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

1 Elephant
2 Camel
3 Dog Sledge
4 Chariot
5 Ox Wagon
6 Stage Coach
7 Horse Tram
8 The Bicycle
9 Galley
10 Kayak
11 Horse Barge
12 East Indiaman
13 Tea Clipper
14 Hot Air Balloon
15 Bas Ballon
16 Steam Coach
17 Stephenson's Rocket
18 Steam Wagon
19 Modern Steam Locomotive
20 Diesel Locomotive
21 Gas Turbine Locomotive
22 The Comet
23 Mississippi River Steamer
24 The Great Eastern
25 Turbinia
26 Modern Ocean Liner
27 Electric Tram
28 Electric Locomotive
29 London Bus
30 Early Motor Car
31 Bluebird
32 Motorcycle
33 Sno-Cat
34 The Wright Brothers Aeroplane
35 Airship
36 Early Airliner
37 Flying Boat
38 Supermarine Schneider Trophy Plane
39 Helicopter
40 First Turbojet Airliner
41 Boeing 727
42 Variable Wing Aircraft
43 The Mesoscaphe
44 Hydrofoil
45 Hovercraft
46 Nuclear Ship
47 Nuclear Submarine
48 Apollo Space Rocket