1966 Brooke Bond Picture Cards : Transport through the Ages

1966 Brooke Bond : Transport Through The Ages

Brooke Bond Picture Cards: Transport through the Ages was released in 1966 by Brooke Bond Ltd. of London. The 50-card series was illustrated by Richard Ward. The text descriptions were written by Arthur G. Bourne. The cards were distributed in the United Kingdom with purchases of Brooke Bond tea in England. A Transport Through The Ages collector album was available from grocers for six pence.

Each card measures approximately 68 x 36 mm. The original 1966 card backs are printed with blue text. The series was reprinted in 1973 with black text. A similar collection was distributed in 1967 by Brooke Bond Canada Ltd. titled Transportation through the Ages (Le transport à travers les âges).

1966 Brooke Bond : Transport Through The Ages #50 - Space Rocket 1966 Brooke Bond : Transport Through The Ages #50 - Space Rocket

Illustrations of the Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle are pictured on the album cover and on card #50, "Space Rocket." The Atlas LV-3B is a modified Atlas SM65-D intercontinental ballistic missile. The Atlas D was originally designed to deliver a W49 thermonuclear warhead.

"On 12th April 1961 a Russian, Major Yuri Gagarin, was launched in the rocket space ship Vostok 1, and thus became the first man to go beyond the pull of earth's gravity into free orbit. The Americans, using a Mercury capsule on an Atlas booster rocket, put Colonel John H. Glenn into orbit on the 20th February 1962. This space craft is shown on the card. Since then other astronauts have orbited the earth, have walked in space free of the earth's gravity, while unmanned rockets have crashed on the moon or have travelled far beyond into space."

1 Elephant
2 The Camel
3 Dog Sledge
4 Ox Wagon
5 Chariot
6 Stage Coach
7 Horse Tram
8 The Bicycle
9 Kayak
10 Galley
11 Horse Barge
12 East Indiaman
13 Tea Clipper
14 Hot Air Balloon
15 Gas Balloon
16 Steam Coach
17 Steam Wagon
18 Stephenson's Rocket
19 Modern Steam Locomotive
20 Diesel Locomotive
21 Gas Turbine Locomotive
22 The Comet
23 Mississipi River Steamer
24 The Great Eastern
25 Turbinia
26 Modern Ocean Liner
27 Oil Tanker
28 Electric Tram
29 Electric Locomotive
30 Monorail
31 Early Motor Car
32 Bluebird
33 Motor Cycle
34 Sno-Cat
35 The Wright Brothers Aeroplane
36 Airship
37 Early Airliner
38 Flying Boat
39 Supermarine Schneider Trophy Plane
40 Transport Aircraft
41 Westland Whirlwind HCC Mk.12
42 First Turbojet Airliner
43 Modern Jet Airliner
44 Variable Wing Aircraft
45 The Mesoscaphe
46 Hydrofoil
47 Hovercraft
48 Nuclear Ship
49 Nuclear Submarine
50 Space Rocket