1962 Typhoo Tea : Great Achievements

1962 Typhoo Tea : Great Achievements #13 - Yuri Gagarin

The Great Achievements card series was distributed in 1962 by Typhoo Tea Ltd. in Birmingham, England. The illustrated 24-card collection showcases important figures and scientific discoveries throughout history. Each card measures approximately 1.4 x 2.65 inches. A 12-page Great Achievements scrapbook album was available by mail.

Card #13 depicts a painting of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the orbital path of Vostok 1. On April 12, 1961, Gagarin became the first human to fly in space and orbit the Earth. A similar illustration was later printed in the 1966 Famous People series from Lyons Maid Ice Cream.

1962 Typhoo Tea : Great Achievements #13 - Yuri Gagarin

"To this young Russian airman goes the honour of being the first man to fly in space and return safely. In April, 1961, his spaceship Vostok I was launched. During a flight of 108 minutes, which was controlled by scientists, it orbited the earth once."

Great Achievements Checklist
1 Conquest of Everest
2 Crossing the Atlantic
3 Sir Francis Drake
4 Amy Johnson
5 Captain Webb
6 Kon-Tiki Expedition
7 Dr. Roger Bannister
8 Water Speed Record
9 Charles Blondin
10 Sir Bernard Lovell
11 The Nautilus
12 The Bathyscaphe
13 Yuri Gagarin
14 Sir Robert Watson-Watt
15 Guglielmo Marconi
16 Sir Frank Whittle
17 Marie Curie
18 Television
19 Lifeboat Service
20 Scouting and Guiding
21 Samuel Morse
22 William Caxton
23 Florence Nightingale
24 Louis Braille