1958 Weetabix : Conquest of Space

1958 Weetabix : Conquest of Space

Conquest of Space trading cards were distributed in the UK by Weetabix Ltd. Series A was released in 1958, followed by Series B in 1959. One free card was included in every specially marked packet of Weetabix. The complete 50-card series and The Weetabix Space Album were available by mail order. Each card measures 6 x 8 cm. Both series feature artist renderings of early spacecraft and missions, as well as lunar mission concepts.

1958 Weetabix : Conquest of Space A-12 - Sputnik Satellite

Series B titles are printed on the front of each card. Dr. Robert H. Goddard appears uncredited in Series B on card #1. Goddard launched the first liquid-propellant rocket, "Nell," on March 16, 1926, in Auburn, Massachusetts. "Nell" rose to a height of 41 feet (12.5 meters). The card illustration is based on a photograph from October 1935. Goddard is pictured with an A-Series test rocket in Roswell, New Mexico.

1959 Weetabix : Conquest of Space B-1 - The First Liquid Propellant Rocket (Robert H. Goddard)

"Accident at Take-Off" depicts a failed test launch of an American V-2 sounding rocket. The card text references the accidental launch of U.S. Navy Viking #8 on June 6, 1952. The single-stage Martin RTV-N-12a rocket was fired during a static engine test. Viking #8 broke away from the test pad, reaching an altitude of 3.7 miles (6 km) .

1959 Weetabix : Conquest of Space B-5 - Accident at Take-Off

Series A
1 How a Rocket Works
2 Structure of a Modern Rocket
3 Static-Testing a Large Missile
4 V2/WAC Corporal Take-Off
5 Fuelling a Vanguard Rocket
6 Redstone Missile
7 Booster Separating Above the Earth
8 Re-Entry Test Vehicle
9 Rocket Range Instrumentation
10 Control Cabin of a Spaceship
11 Radio Telescope
12 Sputnik Satellite
13 Explorer Satellite
14 British Artificial Satellite Project
15 High-Altitude Flying Suit
16 Absence of Gravity
17 Men in Space
18 Building a Manned Spacestation
19 Completed Von Braun Spacestation
20 Approaching the Moon
21 Lunar Landing
22 Lunar Tractor
23 Lunar Eclipse
24 Hydroponic Farming
25 Probe Rocket Approaching Venus
Series B
1 The First Liquid Propellant Rocket
1 Rocket-Testing Stand
3 "Atlas" Missile
4 Launching Path of an Artificial Satellite
5 Accident at Take-Off
6 Vanguard Satellite
7 Space-Stations for Radio and TV Relay
8 Farside Rocket
9 Multi-Stage Liquid Propellant Rocket
10 High-Altitude Chamber
11 Recoverable Capsule
12 Smith-Ross Space-Station
13 Refuelling in Space
14 Lunar Spacesuit
15 Surface of the Moon
16 Earth as seen from the Moon
17 Nuclear Rocket
18 Ion-Propelled Space Vehicle
19 Solar radiation Propelled Vehicle
20 Deep Spaceship
21 Mars Seen From Phobos
22 Jupiter
23 Saturn from a Satellite
24 Comparative Sizes of the Sun and Planets
25 The Depths of Space

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