1960 Sunblest Tea : Inventions & Discoveries

The Inventions & Discoveries card series was released in 1960 by Sunblest Tea. Each card measures approximately 1.375 x 2.625 inches. The 50-card collection showcases inventors and scientific discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries. The cards were distributed in two 25-card series with boxes of Sunblest Tea. A collector album was sold separately for six pence.

1960 Sunblest Tea : Inventions & Discoveries #47 - Rockets Into Space 1960 Sunblest Tea : Inventions & Discoveries #47 - Rockets Into Space

Wernher von Braun and the V-2 missile are featured on card #47, "Rockets Into Space." The Vergeltungswaffe 2 (Retaliation Weapon 2), officially designated as Aggregat 4 (A-4), was developed under the direction of von Braun at the Peenemünde Army Research Center in Germany. On June 20, 1944, A-4 MW 18014 became the first object launched into space, reaching an apogee of 109 miles (176 km).

The card image is based on a U.S. Army Project Hermes V-2 launched at White Sands Proving Ground. General Electric constructed a total of 67 rockets from captured German V-2 components. Project Hermes conducted V-2 tests from March 15, 1946, to June 30, 1951.

Checklist: Series 1
1 First Jet Engine Frank Whittle
2 The Bathyscaphe Augustine Piccard
3 Electricity Michael Farady
4 The Laws Of Gravity Isaac Newton
5 The Gramaphone Thomas Alva Edison
6 Wireless Telegraphy Guglielmo Marconi
7 Bacteriology Louis Pasteur
8 Gaslight William Murdock
9 Dynamite Alfred Nobel
10 The Atlantic Cable Lord Kelvin
11 Radium Marie Curie
12 The First Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
13 Television John Logie Baird
14 Electric Light Thomas Alva Edison
15 Morse Telegraph Samuel Finlay Breese Morse
16 Braille Louis Braille
17 Railway Engine George Stephenson
18 First Vacuum Cleaner Cecil Booth
19 Penicillin Alexander Fleming
20 Steam Engine James Watt
21 The First Typewriter Christopher Scoles
22 First Aeroplane Orville and Wilbur Wright
23 The Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel
24 First Helicopter Igor Sikorsky
25 The Motor Car Gottlieb Daimler
Checklist: Series 2
26 Atomic Energy Albert Einstein
27 Splitting The Atom John Cockcroft
28 Blood Circulation William Harvey
29 The Pneumatic Tyre John Boyd Dunlop
30 X-Rays William Rontgen
31 The Pressure Cooker Denis Papin
32 The Davy Lamp Humphry Davy
33 Antiseptics Lord Lister
34 The Telescope Galileo Galilei
35 Vaccination Sir Edward Jenner
36 Linotype Ottmar Mergenthaler
37 Radar Robert Watson Watt
38 Photography Louis Daguerre
39 Steel Making Sir Henry Besse Mer
40 Evolution Charles Darwin
41 Radio Astronomy Bernard Lovell
42 Electron Microscope Hans Busch
43 The Westinghouse Brake George Westinghouse
44 Comet Aeroplane Geoffrey de Havilland
45 The Hovercraft Christopher Cockerell
46 Plastics Leo Baekeland
47 Rockets Into Space Wernher von Braun
48 The Cinematograph Lumiere Brothers
49 The Appleton Layer Edward Appleton
50 The Internal Combustion Engine Karl Benz