1962 Space-Pak : Space-Pak Space Library

1962 Space-Pak : Space-Pak Space Library

The Space-Pak Space Library card series was released in 1962 by Space-Pak Company, Inc. The complete 9-card collection was sold in cellophane packs. Each pack includes a title header card. The Space-Pak Space Library collector album was available at participating retailers or by mail order.

Card #7 depicts an early concept model for Project Apollo.

1962 Space-Pak Space Library #7 - Project Apollo

The "Orbiting Geophysical Observatory" card contains the wrong image. The photograph depicts a roving vehicle concept designed by General Electric for Project Prospector. The Prospector rover was redesigned from 1959–1961. The Orbiting Geophysical Observatory (OGO) was first launched on September 4, 1964.

1962 Space-Pak Space Library
NNO Space-Pak Space Library Header
1 Project Ranger
2 Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
3 Building A Lunar Satellite
4 Goose Missile
5 Exploring Space
6 Project Mercury
7 Project Apollo
8 Moon Base
9 Agena Rocket Engine