1969 Taylor-Reed : Space Candy Series I

1969 Taylor-Reed : Space Candy Series I

Space Candy Series I was released in 1969 by the Taylor-Reed Corp. in Glenbrook, Connecticut. The American Card Catalog reference is R853. The 20-card collection features NASA images from Project Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Each card measures approximately 2.125 x 3 inches.

Card #1 depicts Ham the chimpanzee, the first hominid in space. Officially known as Number 65, "Chop Chop Chang" was nicknamed Ham after the Holloman Aerospace Medical Center in New Mexico. On January 31, 1961, Ham safely completed a suborbital flight aboard Mercury-Redstone 2. Ham reached an apogee of 157 miles (252.7 km).

1969 Taylor-Reed : Space Candy #1 - OK Fellows, I'm Ready!

1969 Taylor-Reed : Space Candy
1 OK fellows, I'm ready! Ham
2 The "Ears" of Mission Control Tidbinbilla Tracking Station, DSS-43
3 Ready – Jump! Navy Frogman, Gemini 5 Recovery
4 Splashdown! Gemini 9 Splashdown
5 Moon Geography Lunar Landing Zone
6 One Up – One To Go Gemini 9 Recovery, Richard Gordon
7 A Short Walk, A Long Ride Gemini 3: John Young, Gus Grissom
8 Apollo 8 Gets Final Check Before Blast-Off Apollo 8 Command Module
9 Navy Frogman Lends a Helping Hand Gemini 10 Recovery, John Young
10 The Flight of "Gumdrop" and "Spider" Apollo 9
11 "Walking" on the Rim of the Earth Gemini 4: Edward White EVA
12 What The Well Dressed Space Walker Will Wear Gemini 8: ELSS, AMU
13 Hey! Let Me In Gemini 4: Edward White EVA
14 Next Stop – The Moon! Apollo Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)
15 First Around The Moon – Apollo 8 Come Home! Apollo 8 Recovery
16 Getting Ready To Dock Gemini 8 Agena Target Vehicle (GATV-5003)
17 Three, Two, One, Zero – Ignition! Apollo 11 Launch
18 First Flag on the Moon Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin
19 Apollo 11 on the Moon Apollo 11: Edwin Aldrin
20 So Long, Moon Apollo 11: Lunar Module Eagle (LM-5)

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