1977 Bimbo : Los Records del Mundo

1977 Bimbo : Los Records del Mundo

Los Records del Mundo was published in 1977 by Editorial Miñón S. A. of Madrid. The 150-card collection showcases people, animals, and technological feats from the Guinness Book of Records. One card was included with dessert snacks from Bimbo, S.A. in Spain including Bony, Bucaneros, Tigerton, Tunos, and Mi Merienda. The card text descriptions are printed in Spanish. Each card is copyrighted 1977 by Guinness Superlatives Ltd.

Gemini 4 astronaut Edward White II appears on Card #56. White is erroneously referred to as the first man to have "flown" in space. On June 3, 1965, Ed White became the first American and second person to perform an EVA in space.

1977 Bimbo : Los Records del Mundo #56

Card #57, "The highest altitude achieved by man in space," describes the lunar orbit of Apollo 13. The card photograph erroneously depicts the crew of Skylab 4, the third crewed mission to the Skylab orbital station. On, November 16, 1973, Commander Gerald P. Carr, Edward Gibson, and William R. Pogue launched aboard Apollo CSM-118 on a Saturn IB rocket.

1977 Bimbo : Los Records del Mundo #57

Also included is the Soviet Vostok-K 8K72K rocket on card #52 and the recovery of the Apollo 8 Command Module (CM-103) on card #147.

The checklist is not a direct translation of the card text. Identifications and corrections are included.

1 Thinnest Adult Edward C. Hagner
2 Longest Fingernails Shridhar Chillal
3 Longest Operation Dr. John F. Alksne, Victor Zazueta
4 Shortest Adult Pauline Musters
5 Tallest Race Tutsi
6 Most Tattoos in Great Britain Vivian “Sailor Joe” Simmons
7 Longest Mustache Masuriya Din
8 Tallest Man Robert Waldow
9 Heaviest Man in England Daniel Lambert
10 Longest Beard Richard Latter
11 Heart Transplant Louis B. Russell
12 Fastest Amputation Robert Liston
13 Fastest Speech John F. Kennedy
14 Oldest Ghosts Borley Rectory, Long Melford, Suffolk
15 Heaviest Twins Billy and Benny McCreary
16 Heaviest Cat Spice
17 Fastest Mammal Cheetah
18 Largest Toad Marine Toad
19 Largest Primate Alive Samson
20 Fastest and Fish Swordfish
21 Fastest Smallest Bird Hummingbird
22 Heaviest Cabbage P.G. Barton
23 Heaviest Tomato Charles Roberts
24 Largest Animal Blue Whale
25 Largest Watermelon Ed Weeks
26 Tallest Horse Firpon
27 Largest Turtle Pacific Leatherback
28 Longest Animal Lion's Mane Jellyfish
29 Largest Cactus Seguaro
30 Largest Land Animal African Elephant
31 Lowest Elevation Dead Sea, Jordan
32 Most Populated Territory Macao
33 Highest Tides Bay of Fundy, Canada
34 Highest Mountain Mount Everest
35 Longest Stalactite Caves of Nerja
36 Shortest River D River, Lincoln, Oregon
37 Largest Volcanic Explosion Thera
38 Largest Iceberg Antarctica Tabular Iceberg
39 Largest Lake Caspian Sea
40 Largest Natural Bridge Landscape Arch
41 Largest Island Greenland
42 Longest Strait Strait of Tartary
43 Largest Desert Sahara Desert
44 Largest Ocean Pacific Ocean
45 Longest River Amazon River
46 Farthest Visible Object Andromeda Galaxy
47 Hottest Planet Venus
48 Most Expensive Chemical Californium-252
49 First Known Comet Halley's Comet, Edmund Halley
50 Highest Observatory Meyer–Womble Observatory
51 Largest Solar Furnace Odeillo, Pyrénées-Orientales, France
52 First Manned Satellite Vostok 1, Yuri Gagarin
53 Most Powerful Laser Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR)
54 Smelliest Substance Ethyl Mercapta
55 Oldest Observatory Cheomseongdae, Gyeongju, South Korea
56 First Man to Fly in Space Gemini 4 : Ed White EVA
57 Highest Altitude by Man in Space Apollo 13 (Skylab 4)
58 Oldest Object Allende Meteorite
59 Largest Radio Satellite Dish Effelsberg Radio Telescope
60 Fastest Camera Imacon 600
61 Largest Cathedral Seville Cathedral
62 Oldest Pyramid Pyramid of Djoser (Great Pyramid of Cholula)
63 Largest Plant Ford Parts Redistribution Center
64 Largest Indoor Stadium Superdome
65 Largest Winery KWV Emporium
66 Largest Administration Building The Pentagon
67 Longest Wall Great Wall of China
68 Largest Attraction Park Disneyworld
69 Largest Pyramid Great Pyramid of Cholula (Pyramid of Djoser)
70 Oldest Buildings Terra Amata, Nice, France
71 Highest Dam Grande Dixence Dam
72 Tallest Building Sears Tower
73 Largest Car Factory Wolfsburg Volkswagen Factory
74 Largest Football Stadium Maracana Municipal Stadium
75 Largest Port Port of New York and New Jersey
76 Longest Bus Wayne Corporation
77 Largest Transatlantic Ocean Liner SS France
78 Largest Private Car Bugatti Type 41 Royale
79 Fastest Train Service New Tokaido Line
80 Largest Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
81 Most Expensive Car 1968 Presidential Lincoln
82 Largest Sailing Boat Thomas W. Lawson
83 First Gasoline Car Benz Patent-Motorwagen
84 Longest Tandem Bicycle Farway Multipede
85 Longest Bus Route Greyhound
86 Largest Commercial Airplane Boeing 747
87 Most Powerful Car Engine Rolls-Royce Merlin
88 Fastest Car Blue Flame
89 Longest Car Leo Weiser
90 Fastest Bomber Dassault Mirage IV
91 Most Expensive Hat Napoleon Bonaparte
92 Most Expensive Pistols Michele Lorenzoni Flintlock
93 Most Expensive Shoes Stylo Matchmakers
94 Longest Memorization of Pi John Poultney
95 Most Expensive Wine 1870 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
96 Oldest Army Pontifical Swiss Guard
97 Largest Champagne Bottle Nebuchadnezzar
98 Largest Pizza Pizza Inn, Little Rock
99 Largest Flag Hudson’s Detroit
100 Largest Cut Diamond Cullinan Diamond
101 Smallest Country Vatican
102 Most Expensive Silver Savernake Horn
103 Oldest Flag Dannebrog, 1219
104 Largest Check Daniel P. Moynihan
105 Shortest War Anglo-Zanzibar War
106 Strongest Teeth John Massis
107 Most Instruments Played at Same Time Don Davis
108 Most hours Immobile William A. Fuqua
109 Most Planes Shot Down Manfred von Richthofen, Red Baron
110 Longest Time on Bed of Nails Vernon "Komar" Craig
111 First Submerged Circumnavigation USS Triton (SSRN-586)
112 Longest Backwards Walk Plennie L. Wingo
113 Greatest Height Reached by Man Edmund Percival Hillary, Mt. Everest
114 Best Lion Tamer Alfred Schneider
115 Greatest Tightrope Walker Charles Blondin
116 Smallest Transatlantic Boat April Fool
117 Most Renowned Escape Artist Harry Houdini
118 Tallest Champagne Glass Tower Frank Dettmer
119 Longest Ride in Armor Dick Brown
120 Largest Multiple Parachute Jump National Enquirer Free Fall
121 Fastest Cycling Speed Dr. Allan V. Abbott
122 Most Motorcycle Championships Giacomo Agostini
123 Highest Speed on Skis Steve McKinney
124 Longest Reigning Boxing Champion Joe Luis (Joe Louis)
125 Greatest Weightlifter Vasily Alekseyev
126 Youngest World Record Karen Muir
127 Most Goals Michael Jones
128 Longest Boat Jump Glastron GT-150
129 Most Consecutive Free Throws Harold "Bunny" Levitt
130 Heaviest Athelete William J. Cobb
131 Most Expensive Animal Secretariat
132 Most Grand Prix Victories Jackie Stewart
133 Longest Swim Fred P. Newton
134 Most Olympic Medals Ray C. Ewry
135 Highest Transfer Fee Johan Cruyff
136 Most Kills by Bullfighter Juan Belmonte
137 Largest Sculpture Crazy Horse Memorial
138 Highest Box Office Star Wars
139 Smallest Violin T. B. Pollard
140 Longest Horn Herr Stocker
141 Largest Circus Las Vegas Circus
142 Youngest Gold Record Osamu Minagawa, "Kuroneko no Tango"
143 Largest Library U.S. Library of Congress
144 Best Selling Book Guinness Book of Records
145 Highest Paid Writer Ernest Hemingway
146 Most Oscars Walt Disney
147 Farthest TV Transmission Apollo 8
148 Smallest Book The Lord’s Prayer
149 Most Successful Band The Beatles
150 Most Expensive Painting Pablo Picasso