1956 Cadet Sweets : Record Holders of the World

1956 Cadet Sweets : Record Holders of the World

The Record Holders of the World card series was distributed in 1956 by C.S. Sweets Ltd. of Slough, England. One card was included with each box of Record Holders of the World Sweet Cigarettes from Cadet Sweets. The 50-card collection showcases contemporary world records in sports, engineering, and transportation.

1956 Cadet Sweets : Record Holders of the World #21 - Martin Viking

The card series includes the U.S. Navy Viking #11 sounding rocket. The Martin RTV-N-12a rocket was launched from White Sands LC33 into sub-orbital space on May 24, 1954. The rocket reached an apogee of 158 miles (254 km) , setting a new single-stage altitude record. The experiment package measured nose cone heat during reentry and returned high-altitude photographs of the Earth.

The card image is based on an official U.S. Navy photograph. The Viking #11 launch photo appears in the Jet Planes series from the Exhibit Supply Co., Missiles and Satellites from Parkhurst, Missile and Jet Plane Trading Cards from Nesbitt's, Aircraft & Missile Trading Cards from Sicle, and Histoire de L'Aviation from Mills cigarettes.

1 F100 Super Sabre
2 Juan Fangio
3 Explorer II
4 Billy Wright
5 R.M.S. 'Queen Elizabeth'
6 Bluebird
7 Roger Bannister (Athletics)
8 Northrop Rocket Sledge
9 Major Charles Yeager
10 Bell X1-A
11 Austin-Healey Streamliner
12 Big Boy (Railway Engine)
13 Twin Cities Zephyr
14 S.S. 'United States'
15 Reg Harris (Cycling)
16 Hughes Hercules
17 Sir Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
18 120 M.P.H. Model
19 Emil Zatopek (Athletics)
20 J. Allen's Triumph
21 Martin Viking
22 Denis Compton (Cricket)
23 CC 7107 (Railway Engine)
24 Hughes H-17
25 "Mike"
26 The Smallest Railway
27 John Landy
28 Marjorie Jackson (Athletics)
29 L.N.E.R. 4-6-2 Mallard
30 The Elizabethan
31 Mercedes Model 300 SLR
32 English Electric Deltic
33 English Electric Canberra
34 Lockheed Neptune
35 Golden Gate Bridge
36 Empire State Building
37 Mount Rushmore Memorial
38 Arsenal Air 100 (Glider)
39 Sikorsky XH-39
40 Sydney Harbour Bridge
41 Marion 5561
42 Euclid LLD
43 Geoffrey Duke (Cycling)
44 Paul Anderson (Weightlifting)
45 Hjalmar Anderson (Speed Skating)
46 Fairey Delta 2
47 M.G. Special
48 Railton Special
49 S.T. Sptros Niarchos (Oil Tanker)
50 U.S.S.'Forrestal'

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