1969 Primrose Confectionary : Space Race Sweet Cigarettes

1969 Primrose Confectionary : Space Race Sweet Cigarettes

The Space Race card series was released in 1969 by Primrose Confectionery Co., Ltd. The 50-card collection was distributed in England with boxes of Space Race Sweet Cigarettes. Each card measures approximately 2.6 x 1.3 inches (65 x 33 mm). The series was printed on cardstock and thin paper variants.

The illustrated series features spacecraft from Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo. Card #33, "Docking in Space," depicts a Gemini-Agena Target Vehicle. On March 16, 1966, Gemini 8 pilots Neil Armstrong and David Scott performed the first docking maneuver in orbit.

Neil Armstrong appears uncredited on card #40, "Landing on the Moon." The image depicts Armstrong in the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) on May 6, 1968. Armstrong was forced to eject and the LLRV was destroyed.

1969 Primrose : Space Race #40 - Landing on the Moon

Candy cigarettes have been prohibited in many countries including Canada and the United Kingdom. In 1970 and 1991, unsuccessful attempts were made to ban candy cigarettes in the United States. The products remain available in similar packaging, but can not be labeled as cigarettes.

1 Worshipping the Moon
2 A Chinese Inventor Wan Hu
3 The German V.2 America's Rocket Starting Point
4 Flying Guppy Aero Spacelines Super Guppy
5 Into Orbit
6 Firing in Flight
7 Model of a Communication Satellite
8 Flying Target
9 Launching a Missile
10 Manoeuvrable Missile DART XSSM-A-23
11 A Weather Satellite TIROS-1
12 Photographing the Moon
13 Launching a Depth-charge Missile
14 Positioning a Missile
15 Studying Meteorites
16 The "Life Support Pack"
17 Communication Satellite Intelsat 2
18 Studying the Earth's Surface GEOS 1 (Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite)
19 Preparing for Flight
20 Design for Moon Landing
21 Holding Things in Space
22 Destruction from the Sea
23 Designing a Space Suit
24 Keeping Track of Satellites
25 Re-Entry Probe XRM-91 Blue Scout Junior
26 Launching the "Surveyor" Atlas-Centaur AC-10, Surveyor SC-1
27 Researcher in Space Explorer 22
28 Launching a Rendezvous Satellite Project Gemini Atlas-Agena
29 Dual Purpose Rocket Aerobee
30 The Polaris Missile UGM-27 Polaris
31 Long Range Deterrent LGM-30 Minuteman I
32 Towards a Space Rendevous Gemini 6: Walter Schirra, Thomas Stafford
33 Docking in Space Gemini 8: Gemini-Agena Target Vehicle
34 TV Satellite Intelsat I Early Bird, Thor-Delta D
35 A Gemini Spacecraft Project Gemini Spacecraft
36 The First American to Walk in Space Gemini 11: Richard Gordon EVA
37 Operation Recovery Mercury-Redstone 3: Freedom 7, Alan Shepard
38 Return from Space Mercury-Redstone 3: Freedom 7, Alan Shepard
39 Sea Landing Gemini 6: Walter Schirra, Thomas Stafford
40 Landing on the Moon Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV): Neil Armstrong
41 Apollo Into Orbit Saturn 1
42 Operation Mars
43 Mars, Earth's Sister Planet
44 Exploring Rough Terrain
45 Hazards of Space Travel
46 The Rings of Saturn
47 Living on the Moon
48 Dangers in Space
49 Planet Motorcycle
50 Life on Other Planets?

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