1960 Coopers Tea : Mysteries & Wonders of the World

Mysteries & Wonders of the World trading cards were issued in by Cooper & Co. Ltd. of Glasgow Northwest, Scotland. The illustrated 50-card collection was distributed in two series of 25 cards. One card was included with each box of Coopers Tea. Each card measures approximately 68 x 36 mm. A collector album was sold separately for six pence at participating grocers and by mail order.

1960 Coopers Tea : Mysteries & Wonders of the World #4 - Sputnik

Series 1 includes an illustration of Sputnik 1, the first man-made object launched into orbit. The depiction of the Soviet satellite is not accurate, likely due to the limited information available at the time. Sputnik (Спутник) is Russian for "companion" or "satellite." Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957, from Baikonur Cosmodrome in modern-day Kazakhstan. The event was a catalyst for the creation of NASA and the beginning of the Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The satellite transmitted audio pulses at 20.005 and 40.002 MHz. Air pressure and temperature data was encoded into the radio signal duration and pauses. Sputnik 1 reentered the atmosphere on January 4, 1958, after completing about 1,440 orbits around the Earth.

1960 Coopers Tea : Mysteries & Wonders of the World #4 - Sputnik

"Space Pioneers" features Miss Able and Miss Baker, the first primates safely recovered from space. Miss Able, a rhesus macaque, and Miss Baker, a squirrel monkey, were launched aboard the nose cone of Jupiter AM-18 on May 28, 1959. The Bio-Flight No. 2 experiment travelled to an apogee of about 300 miles (483 km) before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean. Both monkeys were recovered about 1,500 miles downrange by the USS Kiowa.

196 Coopers Mysteries & Wonders of the World 34 - Space Pioneers

Series 1 Checklist
1 Volcanoes
2 Great Sphinx of Gizeh
3 Flying Saucers
4 Sputnik
5 Largest Optical Telescope
6 Largest Radio-Telescope
7 Atomic Submarine
8 Bathyscaphe
9 Atomic Power-Station
10 Dead Sea
11 "Abominable Snowman"
12 Moon-Rockets
13 Great Pyramid of Gizeh
14 Rotodyne
15 "Kon Tiki" Raft
16 Caverns of Lascaux
17 First Piloted Aeroplane
18 First Steam Passenger Railway
19 Three Times the Speed of Sound
20 Rotocycle
21 Lost People
22 "Dead Sea Scrolls"
23 Astrology
24 Tutenkhamen's Tomb
25 First Astronomical Telescope
Series 2 Checklist
26 Grand Canyon
27 Mystery Pyramids of Mexico
28 Parthenon
29 Television
30 The Coelacanth
31 Miniature Marvel – The Transistor
32 The Heart-Lung Machine
33 Space Suits of the Future
34 Space Pioneers
35 "Mona Lisa"
36 The Electron Microscope
37 Indian Rope Trick
38 Unheard Music
39 Tallest and Shortest Living Man
40 Oldest Living Thing
41 Newton and the Apple
42 Highest Waterfall
43 Tallest Trees
44 Child Genius
45 Rosetta Stone
46 Mount Everest
47 Nostradamus
48 Mystery Heads
49 "Small World" Balloon
50 Saunder Roe 'Hovercraft'