1961 Comet Sweets : Modern Wonders

Modern Wonders trading cards were issued in 1961 by Comet Sweets of Slough, England. The illustrated 25-card collection showcases contemporary technological advancements and engineering marvels. Each card measures approximately 1.375 x 2.625 inches (35 x 67 mm). The card text is printed in black or blue ink variants.

Modern Wonders was later distributed in 1965 with tea from Hitchman's Dairies Ltd. of Walthamstow, England. The cards were issued with French text as Mervailles Modernes.

1961 Comet Sweets : Modern Wonders #23 - Artificial Satellite

"Artificial Satellite" depicts an illustration of Sputnik III, launched on May 15, 1958. The third Soviet satellite was lifted into low Earth orbit aboard Sputnik 8A91, a modified R-7/SS-6 Semyorka missile. The onboard instrumentation measured pressure and radiation in the upper atmosphere. Sputnik 3 reentered the Earth atmosphere on April 6, 1960.

Modern Wonders
1 Sukkur Barrage
2 Panama Canal
3 Hydraulic Press
4 Oakland Bay Bridge
5 Nuclear Power Station
6 Hale 200-Inch Telescope
7 Calder Hall
8 Jodrell Bank
9 Concrete Sculpture
10 Planetarium
11 World's Largest Crane
12 Mersey Tunnel
13 Simplon Tunnel
14 The Bathyscaphe
15 Electron Microscope
16 Hovercraft
17 Largest Commercial Building
18 Boulder Dam
19 Empire State Building
20 Power Station
21 Steel Mill
22 Colour Television
23 Artificial Satellite
24 Zeta
25 Kill van Kull Bridge