1962 Eagle : Marvels of this Modern Age

1962 Eagle : Marvels of this Modern Age

1962 Eagle : Marvels of this Modern Age

The Marvels of this Modern Age trading card series was published in 1962 by Longacre Press Ltd. and IPC Magazines Ltd. of London. The 12-card series and collector album was included with the March 10, 1962 issue of Eagle: The Top Paper for Boys. The cards were issued in four-card panels. The album cover features an illustration of the Mercury spacecraft that does not appear in the collection.

1962 Eagle : Marvels of this Modern Age #5 - Redstone Rocket

The series includes an artistic depiction of a Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle (MRLV). The single stage rocket was qualified for human flight by Ham, the first chimpanzee to fly in space. The Mercury-Redstone was used to launch Project Mercury astronauts Alan Shephard and Gus Grissom into suborbital space.

1962 Eagle : Marvels of this Modern Age #8 - Explorer 6

The Explorer 6 satellite was launched into orbit on August 7, 1959. The onboard experiments measured energy levels and micrometeorites in the upper atmosphere. Explorer 6 captured the first photograph of Earth from a satellite on August 14, 1959. The photo was taken over 16,700 miles above the surface of Earth. The blurred image shows a sunlit area of the northern Pacific ocean. The photograph took over 40 minutes to be received by a station in South Point, Hawaii.

Earth from Explorer 6 - August 14, 1959
Earth from Explorer 6 on August 14, 1959

Marvels of this Modern Age
1 Hovercraft
2 Bluebird 2
3 Hawker P.1127
4 Cushioncraft
5 Redstone Rocket
6 U.S. Navy Bathyscaphe Trieste
7 Space Taxi
8 Explorer 6
9 Australia's Radio Eye
10 Vickers Armstrong V.C.10
11 The New French Liner "France"
12 Westland Belvedere

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