1972 Typhoo Tea : 100 Years of Great British Achievements

100 Years of Great British Achievements cards were distributed in 1972 by Typhoo Tea Ltd. of Birmingham, England. The 24-card series was issued in black-and-white box panels and large premium color cards. Each premium card measures approximately 4.5 x 9 inches (11.5 x 23 cm). The back of each card is blank.

1972 Typhoo Tea : 100 Years of Great British Achievements - 21 Fuel cells for Apollo

"The problem of providing electricity in space is overcome in the Apollo flights by the provision of three fuel cells carried in the long cylindrical service module. All three cells weigh only 6 cwt and, since it would need a 10-ton conventional battery to provide equivalent electrical energy, their invention was of prime importance to space travel. The fuel cells used are developed by Pratt & Whitney (USA) from a patent owned by Energy Conversions Limited (UK) following over 30 years of research by British engineer, F T Bacon, OBE. Oxygen and hydrogen are brought together in controlled conditions in the presence of a catalyst. The resultant electrochemical reaction produces electricity and, as a by-product, water. With no rotating parts, no fumes, and an ability to work efficiently in all environments, fuel cells have a great future, not only in space, but in remote communications and oceanography."

100 Years of Great British Achievements
1 The steam turbine
2 Deep-level tunnelling
3 The pneumatic tyre
4 Cinematography
5 Research into Malaria
6 Non-stop across the Atlantic
7 The first television service
8 Penicillin discovered
9 Solo to Australia
10 Splitting the atom
11 Farm mechanisation
12 Radar
13 The jet engine
14 The ascent of Everest
15 The four minute mile
16 Ships' stabilisers
17 Nuclear Power
18 Radio telescopes
19 The crossing of Antarctica
20 The hovercraft
21 Fuel cells for Apollo
22 V/STOL – the Harrier
23 Non-stop circumnavigation
24 The crossing of the Arctic