1958 DCA Food Industries : "Fun with Pop" Outer Space

1958 DCA Food Industries : "Fun with Pop" Outer Space

"Fun with Pop" Outer Space cards were issued in 1958 by DCA Food Industries Inc. and Charlton Comics. The American Card Catalog reference is F226-2. The 24-card illustrated series features early concepts for space exploration, including a space station designed by Wernher von Braun. Complete sets were printed on 24-card perforated sheets. Each card measures approximately 2 x 2.875 inches (51 x 73 mm). My Album of Outer Space was available by mail order from DCA.

The "Fun with Pop Campaign for Happier Kids" was presented by Charlton Comics from February 1958 through April 1959. The public service announcements encouraged children to spend time with their fathers. Doughnut Corporation of America (DCA) issued additional trading card series for Animal Stories and Magic Tricks. A "Fun with Pop" comic feature was published in Outer Space #19 (October 1958).

DCA Food Industries : Fun with Pop: Outer Space S4 - Space Plane

The Outer Space card series includes an illustration of the North American X-15. The hypersonic research vehicle was unveiled to the public on October 15, 1958, by Vice President Richard Nixon. NASA developed three of the experimental aircraft to investigate problems that pilots would encounter near the edge of space. The X-15-1 first piloted in an unpowered glide by Scott Crossfield on June 8, 1959.

The X-15-1 is displayed in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Washington Dulles International Airport. The X-15A-2 is displayed in the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Fun with Pop : Outer Space Series
S-1 Fueling Rocket - Before Take-Off
S-2 Launching of Missile
S-3 How a Rocket Works
S-4 Space Plane
S-5 Space Suit
S-6 Space Stations
S-7 Building the Space Station
S-8 Inside Space Ship
S-9 Four-Man Observational Satellite
S-10 Satellite Supply Ship
S-11 TV Satellite
S-12 Space Taxi
S-13 Moon Vehicle
S-14 A Lunar Reconnaissance Vehicle
S-15 Landing Party on the Moon
S-16 Antenna for Tracking Space Rockets
S-17 Settlement of the Moon
S-18 Flight around the Moon
S-19 Instrumentive Satellites
S-20 Landing on the Moon
S-21 Manned Interplanetary Vehicle
S-22 Refueling Rocket Ship
S-23 Planetary Drones
S-24 Outer Space Map

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