1968 Dunkin Supercromo : El Espacio

1968 Dunkin Supercromo : El Espacio #14 - Astronauta americano

The Dunkin Supercomo collection was distributed from 1968–1969 with Dunkin bubble gum, a Gallina Blanca brand in Spain. Each "Afin Regalo" paper packet contains twelve cards. The series includes El Espacio, El Mar, Las Aves, and Espeleologia. The Dunkin Supercomo cards were printed by Industrial Bolsera S.A. in Barcelona. Each card measures approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches (6.5 x 9 cm). The card text is printed in Spanish.

1968 Dunkin Supercromo : El Espacio #15 - Cosmonauta sovietico

El Espacio was released in three sets of twelve cards. The illustrated series showcases the history of space exploration from the V-2 missile to Apollo 8. The collection features portraits of Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard and Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

1968 Dunkin Supercromo : El Espacio #18 - Astronauta en el espacio

Gemini 4 pilot Edward White is depicted during the first American EVA on June 3, 1965. White spent 23 minutes outside of the spacecraft with the Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit. The illustration is based on a photograph taken by Commander James McDevitt.

1968 Dunkin Supercromo : El Espacio #24 - Recogida de la cápsula

Commander Gordon Cooper and pilot Pete Conrad appear uncredited with the Gemini SC5 spacecraft. The image depicts the recovery of Gemini 5 on August 29, 1965. The astronauts spent eight days in orbit, setting a new spaceflight duration record.

1 El Sol. La Tierre. La Luna. The Sun. The Earth. The Moon.
2 La Tierra y su satélite The Earth and its satellite
3 Nuestra compañera la Luna Our companion the Moon
4 La Tierra vista desde la Luna The Earth seen from the Moon
5 Un fabuloso viaje a la Luna Baron Munchausen
6 Astronave dirigida a la Luna Columbiad, From the Earth to the Moon
7 El "Explorer 20" Explorer 20
8 El "Telstar I" Telstar 1
9 Estración espacial Wernher von Braun space station concept
10 Interior de una estación Space station interior concept
11 La V-2 Alemana V-2
12 Choete USA - Saturno I Saturn IB
13 Cohetes soviéticos Soviet rockets
14 Astronauta americano Alan Shepard
15 Cosmonauta soviético Alexei Leonov
16 Proyecto "Géminis" Gemini spacecraft
17 Encuentro espacial Gemini 6-A, Gemini 7 rendezvous
18 Astronauta en el espacio Edward White, Gemini 4 EVA
19 Periplo del Apollo VIII Apollo 8 orbital profile
20 Estación de seguimento Manned Space Flight Network station
21 Saturno V en el espacio Saturn V
22 Vuelo orbital lunar Apollo 8 lunar orbit
23 Llegada del Apollo VIII USS Yorktown, Apollo VIII reentry
24 Recogida de la cápsula Gordon Cooper, Pete Conrad, Gemini V recovery
25 Nave soviética "Soyuz" Soyuz spacecraft
26 La gran aventura Apollo, Saturn IV-B stage
27 Acoplamiento Apollo LM and CM docking
28 Separación módulo lunar Apollo LM separation
29 Decenso Apollo LM descent
30 Alunizaje Apollo LM landing
31 Misión cumplida Apollo LM ascent
32 El hombre en la Luna Man on the Moon concept
33 Insecto ultraterreno Lunar vehicle concept
34 Transporte individual Jet pack concept
35 Exploración lunar Lunar exploration concept
36 Estación selenita Space station concept