1962 Coopers Tea : Do You Know?

Do You Know? trading cards were issued in 1962 by Cooper & Co. Ltd. Glasgow Northwest, Scotland. The 50-card series presents information on a wide variety of scientific subjects. One card was included with each box of Coppers Tea. Each card measures approximately 1.46 x 2.67 inches (37 x 68 mm). A collector album was sold separately at grocers and by mail order for six pence.

1962 Coopers Tea : Do You Know? #14 - The Moon1962 Coopers Tea : Do You Know? #14 - The Moon

Card #14, "The Moon," depicts the Soviet Ye-2A No. 1 lunar probe, commonly known as Luna 3 (Луна 3). The spacecraft was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome aboard Luna 8K72 (I1-8) on October 4, 1959.

The Luna 3 probe captured the first photographs of the far side of the Moon on October 7, 1959. The onboard camera took 29 pictures of the lunar surface. The physical photographs were chemically developed and electronically scanned by the onboard systems. The probe transmitted 17 frames to Soviet tracking stations on Earth.

The camera film was resistant to extreme temperature changes and cosmic radiation. The film was created by the United States Strategic Air Command for Project Genetrix, a high-altitude spy balloon program. The U.S. recovered 51 of the 512 surveillance cameras launched from January–February 1956. Many of the gondolas were detected by Soviet radar and shot down by MiG fighter jets.

The Luna 3 spacecraft performed the first gravity assist maneuver and returned to Earth orbit. All contact was lost on October 22, 1959.

Luna 3 Moon Frame 29, October 7, 1959
Luna 3 Moon Frame 29, October 7, 1959

1 Blackpool Tower
2 Colorado Beetle
3 Great Diving Beetle
4 Statue of Liberty
5 Sydney Harbour Bridge
6 Rubber
7 Cricket Balls
8 "Old Faithful"
9 Dymchurch Railway
10 Babington Puzzle
11 Channel Hovercraft
12 Television Cameras
13 Stockholm Harbour Relic
14 The Moon
15 "Giraffe" Women
16 Locusts
17 Sacred Cattle
18 Jumping Jets
19 Sundials
20 Eiffel Tower
21 North Sea Rig
22 World's Oldest Gold Coin
23 Twelve-Sided Threepenny Piece
24 Solar Flashlight
25 Common House Fly
26 Underwater Photography
27 The Television Camera
28 Radar
29 The Mohole Project
30 Neon Lighting
31 Vertical Take-Off Airliner
32 Ultra-Sonic Detector
33 Solar Batteries
34 X-Rays for Industry
35 Rain Maker
36 Coventry Cathedral Tapestry
37 The Tallest Building in Britain
38 Toadstools and Science
39 Oil From Under The Waves
40 Electronic Block Making
41 "Ariel" British Space Shuttle
42 The Nuclear Ship "Savannah"
43 Light to Prevent Blindness
44 Supersonic Aircraft
45 The Netherlands' Sea Defences
46 The "Flying Crane"
47 Magnetic Tape Recording
48 The Diving Saucer "Denise"
49 B.B.C. Television Centre
50 Typing at 180 Words a Minute