1959 Sanitarium Health Food Company : Destination Moon

1959 Sanitarium Health Food Company : Destination Moon

1959 Sanitarium : Destination Moon #37 - Man's First Satellite

Destination Moon: The Story of Man's First Venture into Space was issued in 1959 by the Sanitarium Health Food Company in Australia and New Zealand. The 50-card "picture plate" collection includes illustrations of the V-2, Sputnik 1, the Martin Viking #9 sounding rocket, and early concept designs for space exploration. The back of each Destination Moon card is blank.

Destination Moon is an expansion of Reach for the Moon, a 25-card series released in 1958 by Sanitarium. The Reach for the Moon card series was distributed with boxes of Granose, San Bran, and Weet-Bix.

1959 Sanitarium : Destination Moon #28 - Rocket Firing Platform

One card was included with each packet of breakfast cereals from Sanitarium: Bixies, Cerix, Corn Flakes, Granose, Puffed Rice San Bran, Weet-Bix, and Weet Puffs. A 12-page Destination Moon collector album was available by mail order from the Sanitarium Health Food Company office. The album is held in the collection of the National Library of Australia.

1959 Sanitarium : Destination Moon #30 - Viking Rocket Take-Off

"Viking Rocket Take-Off" describes the launch of the U.S. Navy Viking #9 sounding rocket. Viking #9 was fired from White Sands Proving Ground on December 15, 1952. The single-stage Martin RTV-N-12a rocket travelled to an apogee of 134 miles (217 km) . The experiment package measured cosmic radiation in the upper atmosphere.

1 Features of the Sun
2 Eclipse of Sun by Earth
3 Our Solar System
4 Eclipse of Sun by Moon
5 Mercury Our Smallest Planet
6 Mercury's Surface
7 Venus
8 Earth's Atmosphere
9 The Moon
10 Moon Exploration
11 Earth from the Moon
12 Mars
13 Martian Landscape
14 Jupiter
15 Jupiter's Red Spot
16 Typical Asteroid
17 Saturn
18 Mt. Stromlo
19 Uranus
20 Neptune
21 Pluto
22 Halley's Comet
23 A Meteor's Path
24 World's Largest Telescope
25 How Telescopes Work
26 How a Space Rocket Works
27 3-Stage Rocket
28 Rocket Firing Platform
29 Testing Rocket Motor
30 Viking Rocket Take-off
31 Rocket Launching Plane
32 Rocket Launching Balloon
33 Tracking Flying Rockets
34 Rocket Motor Explained
35 Future Space Suit
36 Weightlessness
37 Man's First Satellite
38 When to See a Satellite
39 Burn-Out of a Satellite
40 Creating Permanent Orbit
41 Proposed Space Station
42 Observational Rocket Ship
43 Asteroid Type Space Ship
44 Planned Rocket Crash
45 Moon Exploration
46 A Moon Landing
47 A Space Kayak
48 A Planetary Drone
49 Braking into Orbit
50 A Radio Telescope

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