1958–1959 Nabisco : Defenders of America Action Pictures

1958–1959 Nabisco : Defenders of America Action Pictures

1959 Defenders of America Series 2 #15 - The X-15 Rocket Powered Research Plane
"The X-15 Rocket Powered Research Plane"

Defenders of America Action Pictures were distributed from 1958–1959 by the National Biscuit Company, commonly known as Nabisco. The collection was released in two 24-card series. One card was included with each box of Nabisco Shredded Wheat. Each postcard-sized image measures approximately 3.875 x 5.875 inches.

1959 Defenders of America Series 2 #15 - The X-15 Rocket Powered Research Plane

Both series feature illustrations and photographs of U.S. military aircraft, warships, and weapons of the Cold War. The second series includes an artitst rendering of the North American X-15-1 (56-6670), the Explorer 1 satellite, and the Juno II space launch vehicle.

1959 Defenders of America Series 2 #23 - U.S. Army Explorer I in Orbit
"U.S. Army Explorer I in Orbit"

Explorer 1 was the first satellite placed into orbit by the United States, four months after Sputnik 1. The photograph depicts the Juno I (RS-29) launch vehicle on February 1, 1958. Juno I was built by the Army Ballistic Missile Agency under the direction of Wernher von Braun. The Juno I design combined elements of the Jupiter-C, MGM-29 Sergeant, and the PGM-11 Redstone missiles.

Explorer 1 was officially known as Satellite 1958 Alpha. The satellite was designed and built by Jet Propulsion Laboratory under the direction of Dr. William H. Pickering. Scientific instrumentation was designed and built by Dr. James Van Allen. The equipment detected a high amount of charged particles. Dr. Van Allen theorized that the energy was a magnetic belt of radiation. Today, the phenomena is known as the Van Allen belts.

1959 Defenders of America Series 2 #22 - U.S. Army Juno II Rocket
"U.S. Army Juno II Rocket"

The four-stage Juno II (AM-11) launched the Pioneer 3 lunar probe on December 6, 1958. The first stage cut off early, failing to reach the required velocity for a Moon approach. The 13 pound (5.87 kg) spacecraft travelled to an apogee of 63,600 miles (102,360 km). Pioneer 3 was able to return data from the outer Van Allen radiation belt before returning to Earth. The probe reentered the atmosphere over Chad on December 7, 1958.

1958 Series 1 Checklist
1 The U.S. Navy Attack Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal (CVA-59)
2 The U.S. Navy Submarine USS Albacore (SS-569)
3 A small landing craft returns to its "Mother" ship
4 The U.S. Navy Supersonic F8U "Crusader"
5 The USS Navy Nuclear Submarine Nautilus (SSN-571)
6 The USS Navy Guided Missile Cruiser Canberra (CAG-2)
7 Amphibious Tractor lands on the Beach
8 Marines landed from helicopter complete the vertical envelopment tactic
9 U.S. Air Force SM-62 Snark
10 U.S. Air Force TM-61 Matador
11 U.S. Air Force F-104 Starfighter
12 U.S. Air Force's "Century Series"
13 U.S. Air Force X-17
14 U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress
15 The "Corporal" Guided Missile
16 The "Nike-Ajax" Guided Missile
17 The Lacrosse
18 The "Honest John" Artillery Rocket
19 The Patton M48 Medium Tank
20 The Skysweeper
21 The "Choctaw" H-19 Standard Utility Helicopter
22 U.S. Army Missiles
23 U.S. Air Force B-58 Hustler
24 U.S. Air Force GAR Falcon
1959 Series 2 Checklist
1 The USS Navy Submarine Nautilus crosses the North Pole
2 The U.S. Navy Hiller One-man Helicopter XROE-1
3 The U.S. Navy Triton SSR (N) 586
4 U.S. Navy Guided Missile Submarine Polaris SSG(N)FBM
5 Navy TALOS Missile Installation aboard Cruiser Galveston
6 U.S. Navy High Speed Mine Layer Martin Seamaster P6M
7 U.S. Navy North American Carrier Based Twin-Jet Aircraft A3J-1
8 The USS Submarine Skate (SSN 578) reaches the North Pole
9 U.S. Navy Vanguard Satellite Launching Vehicle
10 The USAF IM-99 BOMARC leaving launching pad
11 The USAF Thunderchief (F-105) Supersonic Jet Fighter
12 The USAF Mace (TM-76) Missile
13 The USAF Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (SM-65)
14 The USAF Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (SM-75)
15 The X-15 Rocket Powered Research Plane
16 U.S. Army Iroquois Helicopter H-40
17 U.S. Army Nike-Hercules
18 U.S. Army Mohawk Turbo-Prop Airplane
19 U.S. Army Redstone Missile
20 U.S. Army Sergeant Guided Missile
21 U.S. Army Hawk Missile
22 U.S. Army Juno II Rocket
23 U.S. Army Explorer I in orbit
24 U.S. Navy F4D-1 All-Weather Fighter

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