2020 Cosmosphere : Apollo 13 50th Anniversary

2020 Cosmosphere - Apollo 13 50th Anniversary - Mission Emblem

Apollo 13 50th Anniversary trading cards were released in 2020 by the Cosmosphere International SciEd Center & Space Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas. The five-card commemorative set features the crew of Apollo 13: Commander James Lovell, Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise. The collection is printed on premium cardstock. The cards for Lovell and Haise contain facsimile signatures.

The limited series was available from the Cosmosphere Gift Store. The Cosmosphere Onward and Upward Virtual Auction later offered 200 card sets online from October 4–23, 2020. The anniversary sets were also awarded as prizes in a poster design contest.

The set includes the Apollo 13 insignia depicting Apollo, the sun god of Greek mythology. The Latin phrase Ex Luna, Scientia translates to "From the Moon, Knowledge." Commander James Lovell adapted the mission motto from the Naval Academy motto Ex Scientia Tridens, meaning "From Knowledge, Sea Power."

The Apollo 13 Command Module Odyssey (CM-109) was restored to post-flight condition by the Cosmosphere SpaceWorks division. Odyssey and the spacesuit worn by James Lovell are currently displayed in the Hall of Space Museum at the Cosmosphere. The spacecraft is on loan from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Apollo 13 50th Anniversary
The Apollo 13 Mission April 11–17, 1970
Odyssey Apollo 13 Command Module
James Lovell NASA Astronaut
Jack Swigert NASA Astronaut
Fred Haise NASA Astronaut