2023 Upper Deck : Cosmic Trading Cards

2023 Upper Deck : Cosmic Trading Cards

Upper Deck Cosmic Trading Cards were released exclusively through the Upper Deck e-Pack website on June 21, 2023. Each box contains ten packs with five cards per pack. Cosmic Trading Cards are copyrighted 2020.

2023 Upper Deck Cosmic #26 - Apollo 11

The 50-card base collection showcases the history of astronomy and space exploration from Nicolaus Copernicus to the Event Horizon Telescope. Each silver-foil base card has a serial numbered parallel "Red Shift" #/99 and "Blue Shift" #/25. CYMK printing plates are serial numbered #1/1.

2023 Upper Deck Cosmic AAS-WS - Winston E. Scott

"Astronautic All-Stars" autograph inserts feature NASA astronauts Scott Altman, Charles Duke, Scott Kelly, Mike Massimino, Leland Melvin, and Winston Scott. Limited inscription autographs are each serial numbered #/25. "Astronautic All-Stars" autograph odds are approximately 1:27 packs. "Eclipse Variant" autograph odds are approximately 1:77 packs.

2023 Upper Deck Cosmic OI-2 - Apollo 7

One "Operations and Instructions Manual Relics" card is included in each box. Each relic card contains a piece of operation manual from Project Apollo and Space Shuttle missions.

2023 Upper Deck Cosmic SSS-8 - Apollo Spacecraft

"Spaceships & Satellites" insert odds are approximately 1:6 packs. The 15-card subset includes concept illustrations of the SpaceX Dragon 2 and the NASA Orion spacecraft.

"Cosmic Clippings Magazine Relics" insert odds are approximately 1:66 packs. Each "Cosmic Clippings" card contains a historical newspaper or magazine clipping related to Project Mercury, Apollo, and various space probe missions.

Cosmic trading cards were featured in the August/September 2023 issue of Non-Sport Update (Volume 34, No. 4).

Base Checklist
Red Shift (#/99), Blue Shift (#/25), CYMK Printing Plates (#1/1)
1 Nicolaus Copernicus
2 William Gilbert
3 Tycho Brahe
4 Galileo Galilei
5 Johannes Kepler
6 Isaac Newton
7 Leonhard Euler
8 Sadi Carnot
9 William Parsons 3rd Earl of Rosse
10 John William Draper
11 Freedom 7
12 First Orbital Solar Observatory - OSO-1
13 First Crewed Spacecraft to Change Orbit - Gemini 3
14 First Mars Fly By and First Close-Up
15 First Orbital Rendezvous - Gemini 6
16 First Orbital Docking - Gemini 8
17 First Probe to Map Moon - Lunar Orbiter 1
18 Apollo 4
19 Apollo 5
20 Apollo 6
21 Apollo 7
22 First Orbital Ultraviolet Observatory - OAO-2
23 Apollo 8
24 Apollo 9
25 Apollo 10
26 Apollo 11
27 First Photo of Phobos - Mariner 7
28 Apollo 12
29 Apollo 13
30 Apollo 14
31 Apollo 15
32 First to Maintain Orbit Around Mars - Mariner 9
33 Apollo 16
34 Apollo 17
35 First Photo of Venus - Mariner 10
36 First Multi-National Manned Mission - Apollo-Soyuz
37 First Photos and Soil from Mars - Viking Lander
38 First Extended Exploration of Venus - Pioneer Venus Orbiter
39 Voyager 1
40 Pioneer 11
41 Pioneer 10
42 First Uranus Fly By - Voyager 2
43 First Neptune Fly By - Voyager 2
44 Launch of Voyager 1
45 Optical Orbital Observatory - Hubble Space Telescope
46 First Orbit of Jupiter - Galileo
47 First Orbit of Saturn - Cassini-Huygens
48 First Orbit of Mercury - MESSENGER
49 Voyager 1 in Interstellar Space
50 Black Hole Discovery
Astronautic All-Stars Autographs
Inscriptions #/25
AAS-AL Scott Altman
AAS-CH Charles Duke
AAS-DU Charles Duke
AAS-KE Scott Kelly
AAS-LE Leland Melvin
AAS-LM Leland Melvin
AAS-LY Scott Kelly
AAS-MA Mike Massimino
AAS-ME Leland Melvin
AAS-MI Mike Massimino
AAS-MM Mike Massimino
AAS-SA Scott Altman
AAS-SC Scott Altman
AAS-SK Scott Kelly
AAS-WE Winston E. Scott
AAS-WI Winston E. Scott
AAS-WS Winston E. Scott
Astronautic All-Stars Eclipse Variants
AAV-AL Scott Altman
AAV-CD Charles Duke
AAV-DU Charles Duke
AAV-KE Scott Kelly
AAV-LM Leland Melvin
AAV-MA Mike Massimino
AAV-ME Leland Melvin
AAV-MM Mike Massimino
AAV-SA Scott Altman
AAV-SC Winston E. Scott
AAV-SK Scott Kelly
AAV-WS Winston E. Scott
Base (1:5), SP (1:38), SSP (1:92)
CON-1 Gemini
CON-2 Libra
CON-3 Lynx
CON-4 Cepheus
CON-5 Orion
CON-6 Cassiopeia
CON-7 Perseus
CON-8 Serpens
CON-9 Aquila
CON-10 Auriga
CON-11 Puppis
CON-12 Andromeda
CON-13 Camlopardalis
CON-14 Taurus
CON-15 Cygnus
CON-16 Sagittarius SP
CON-17 Pisces SP
CON-18 Bootes SP
CON-19 Leo SP
CON-20 Ophiuchus SP
CON-21 Aquarius SP
CON-22 Centaurus SP
CON-23 Draco SP
CON-24 Pegasus SP
CON-25 Eridanus SP
CON-26 Hercules SSP
CON-27 Cetus SSP
CON-28 Ursa Major SSP
CON-29 Virgo SSP
CON-30 Hydra SSP
Cosmic Clippings
CC-1 Pioneer I
CC-2 Mercury-Redstone 3
CC-3 Mariner 4
CC-4 Gemini 3
CC-5 Gemini 5
CC-6 Venera 3
CC-7 Surveyor 1
CC-8 Apollo 4
CC-9 Apollo 7
CC-10 Apollo 8
CC-11 Apollo 9
CC-12 Apollo 10
CC-13 Apollo 11
CC-14 Apollo 12
CC-15 Apollo 13
CC-16 Apollo 14
CC-17 Apollo 15
CC-18 Apollo 16
CC-19 Apollo 17
CC-20 Apollo-Soyuz Mission
CC-21 Viking I
Operations and Instructions
OI-1 Apollo 4
OI-2 Apollo 7
OI-3 Apollo 8
OI-4 Apollo 9
OI-5 Apollo 10
OI-6 Apollo 11
OI-7 Apollo 12
OI-8 Apollo 13
OI-9 Apollo 14
OI-10 Apollo 15
OI-11 Apollo 17
OI-12 STS-2
OI-13 STS-3
OI-14 STS-4
OI-15 STS-34
OI-16 STS-41
OI-17 STS-43
OI-18 STS-49
OI-19 STS-52
OI-20 STS-71
Scale of the Universe
Tier 1 (1:2)
SU-1 Sun
SU-2 Mercury
SU-3 Venus
SU-4 Earth
SU-5 Mars
SU-6 Jupiter
SU-7 Saturn
SU-8 Uranus
SU-9 Neptune
SU-10 Wolf 359
SU-11 VY Canis Majoris
SU-12 Kuiper Belt
SU-13 Homunculus Nebula
SU-14 Stingray Nebula
SU-15 Gomez's Hamburger
SU-16 Cat's Eye Nebula
SU-17 Hourglass Nebula
SU-18 Rotten Egg Nebula
SU-19 Boomerang Nebula
SU-20 Helix Nebula
Tier 2 (1:3)
SU-21 Ant Nebula
SU-22 Horsehead Nebula
SU-23 Bubble Nebula
SU-24 Cone Nebula
SU-25 The Pillars Of Creation
SU-26 Crab Nebula
SU-27 Orion Nebula
SU-28 North American Nebula
SU-29 Carina Nebula
SU-30 Cave Nebula
SU-31 Rosette Nebula
SU-32 Lagoon Nebula
SU-33 Omega Centauri
SU-34 Messier 54
SU-35 Barnard's Loop
SU-36 Tarantula Nebula
SU-37 Leo II Dwarf Galaxy
SU-38 Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy
SU-39 Canes Venatici I
SU-40 Small Magellanic Cloud
Tier 3 (1:8)
SU-41 Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy
SU-42 Large Magellanic Cloud
SU-43 Sombrero Galaxy
SU-44 Triangulum Galaxy
SU-45 Milky Way Galaxy
SU-46 Andromeda Galaxy
SU-47 Cartwheel Galaxy
SU-48 Pinwheel Galaxy
SU-49 Whirlpool Galaxy
SU-50 NGC 1232
SU-51 Messier 87
SU-52 Tadpole Galaxy
Tier 4 (1:24)
SU-53 NGC 4889
SU-54 IC 1101
SU-55 Abell 2029
SU-56 Local Group
SU-57 Virgo Cluster
SU-58 Virgo Supercluster
SU-59 Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex
SU-60 Sloan Great Wall
@Interstellar_Intergalatic_Art Kursat Cetiner
@Kikysart Lindsay LeMay
Angelo de Capua Luke Welch
Ash Gonzales Madison Emerick
Ashleigh Popplewell Marco Carrillo
Brad Voth Mark Stroud
Brian Soriano Marlo Martos
Bruce Gerlach Mason Easley
Bruce Lugli Matt Stewart
Chris Foreman Mauro Fodra
Chris Papantoniou Metehan Erbil
Craig Hallums Michael Mastermaker
Daniel Gorman Michael Munshaw
Daniel HDR Mick and Matt Glebe
Dark Mountain Arts Mike James
Dominic Racho Moonalizart
Don Mark Noceda Omar Soto
Elisa Barety Pablo Diaz
Elvin Hernandez Patricio Carrasco
Emily Burges Paulo Teles
Eriscan Turk Peejay Catacutan
Ethan Castillo Peter Clinton
George Deep Ray Racho
Ian Quirante Rene Cordova
Indigo Kelleigh Rhiannon Owens
Jaime Lopez robomonkey147
James Dickson Saldajeno Studio
Jason Montoya Sean Anderson
Jeffrey Benitez Seth Ismart
John Pleak Seth Penn
Johnathan Ruple Tabitha Jensen
Jomar Bulda Tim Fagaly
Jon Mangini Tim Shinn
Joshua Warner Tolunay Keskin
Kate Carleton Tom Nguyen
Keith Akers Vassilis Gogtzilas
Kenny Calderon Vic Hollins
Spaceships & Satellites
SSS-1 Space Shuttle Enterprise
SSS-2 Space Shuttle Columbia
SSS-3 Space Shuttle Discovery
SSS-4 Space Shuttle Atlantis
SSS-5 Falcon 9 (SpaceX Dragon 2)
SSS-6 Space Shuttle Challenger
SSS-7 Space Shuttle Endeavour
SSS-8 Apollo Spacecraft
SSS-9 International Space Station
SSS-10 Skylab
SSS-11 Sputnik
SSS-12 Gemini 8
SSS-13 Galileo Spacecraft
SSS-14 Mariner 9
SSS-15 Orion Spacecraft
The Celestial
C-1 UY Scuti
C-2 IC 1101
C-3 Shapley Supercluster
C-4 Laniakea Supercluster
C-5 Huge-LQG
C-6 Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall
C-7 Neutron Star
C-8 Light Echo
C-9 Pleiades
C-10 Dying Star
C-11 Quintuplet Cluster
C-12 Supernova Remnant
C-13 Helix Nebula
C-14 Betelgeuse
C-15 VV Cephei A
C-16 VY Canis Majoris
C-17 Mu Cephei
C-18 WOH G64
C-19 V354 Cephei
C-20 KY Cygni
The Chalkboard
CB-1 Mass-Energy Equivalence
CB-2 Newton's Second Law Of Motion
CB-3 Rayleigh-Jeans Law
CB-4 Hubble's Law
CB-5 Newton's Law Of Universal Gravitation
CB-6 Wave Equation
CB-7 Einstein Field Equations
CB-8 Uncertainty Principle
CB-9 Boltzmann Entropy Formula
CB-10 Schrodinger Equation
The End of Time Achievements
EOT-1 Big Freeze
EOT-2 Heat Death
EOT-3 Big Rip
EOT-4 Big Crunch
EOT-5 Big Bounce
EOT-6 Big Slurp
EOT-7 Vacuum Metastability Event
EOT-8 Cosmic Uncertainty
EOT-9 Dark Energy
EOT-10 Black Dwarf Supernova
The Observatory Slide Relics
TO-1 Exterior View of Dome in Winter
TO-2 Interior View as Seen from East Side
TO-3 Astronomer Seated Below Main Mirror Cell
TO-4 Close-up of Mirror Cell of Hale Telescope
TO-5 Elevator to Upper Observation Station
TO-6 Taken at Dusk Inside Hale Telescope Dome
TO-7 Astronomer Getting into Prime Focus Cage
TO-8 Astronomer in Observing Capsule at Top of Tube
TO-9 Astronomer in Observation Capsule
TO-12 Interior of the Coude Grating Spectrograph
TO-13 Coude Spectrograph of the Hale Telescope
TO-14 Astronomer at Guidescope Eyepiece
TO-15 Loading Plate-Holder into Schmidt Telescope
TO-17 200-Inch, 48-Inch and 18-inch Schmidt Domes
TO-18 Approach View of Palomar
TO-19 Moonlight View of the Dome
TO-20 Pointing to the North Pole
TO-21 Pointing to the Zenith From North
TO-22 Pointing to the Zenith From South
TO-23 Observer in Prime Focus
TO-25 Six Views Showing East, West, North, South
TO-26 Interior View of the Dome and Instrument
TO-27 Observer Riding Elevator
TO-28 Observer in Prime Focus
TO-29 View of the Mirror Cell Support System
TO-30 Marginal Identification of Parts
TO-31 Prime Focus and Pedestal Supporting Plateholder
TO-32 Instrument Viewed from West
TO-33 Telescope Dome Exterior View
The Solar System
SS-1 Mercury
SS-2 Venus
SS-3 Earth
SS-4 Mars
SS-5 Jupiter
SS-6 Saturn
SS-7 Uranus
SS-8 Neptune
SS-9 Sun
SS-10 Asteroid Belt
The Unknown
U-1 Black Hole
U-2 Gliese 436b
U-3 Black Widow Pulsar
U-4 Quasars
U-5 Vacuum Energy
U-6 Galactic Cannibalism
U-7 Gravity Waves
U-8 Dark Matter
U-9 Antimatter
U-10 Supernova
Ultra Deep Field Lenticular Puzzle
UDF-1 Row 1 Column 1
UDF-2 Row 1 Column 2
UDF-3 Row 1 Column 3
UDF-4 Row 1 Column 4
UDF-5 Row 1 Column 5
UDF-6 Row 1 Column 6
UDF-7 Row 2 Column 1
UDF-8 Row 2 Column 2
UDF-9 Row 2 Column 3
UDF-10 Row 2 Column 4
UDF-11 Row 2 Column 5
UDF-12 Row 2 Column 6
UDF-13 Row 3 Column 1
UDF-14 Row 3 Column 2
UDF-15 Row 3 Column 3
UDF-16 Row 3 Column 4
UDF-17 Row 3 Column 5
UDF-18 Row 3 Column 6
UDF-19 Row 4 Column 1
UDF-20 Row 4 Column 2
UDF-21 Row 4 Column 3
UDF-22 Row 4 Column 4
UDF-23 Row 4 Column 5
UDF-24 Row 4 Column 6
UDF-25 Row 5 Column 1
UDF-26 Row 5 Column 2
UDF-27 Row 5 Column 3
UDF-28 Row 5 Column 4
UDF-29 Row 5 Column 5
UDF-30 Row 5 Column 6