Kennedy Space Center : Apollo 50: Next Giant Leap

Apollo 50: Next Giant Leap Commemorative Trading Cards

Apollo 50: Next Giant Leap commemorative trading cards were distributed from 2018–2022 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Merritt Island, Florida. A set was issued on the 50th anniversary of each Project Apollo launch from Apollo 7 on October 11, 2018, to Apollo 17 on December 7, 2022. Each set for Apollo 7–9 was originally released in a sealed cellophane pack. Later sets were released in resealable storage bags.

Kennedy Space Center : Apollo 50 - Apollo 14 Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr.

Each mission set includes three individual astronaut crew portraits, a mission insignia card, and Apollo 50: Next Giant Leap header card. The back of each card contains "Fast Facts" about the astronauts and mission objectives.

Kennedy Space Center : Apollo 50 - Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean

The Apollo 8 set includes an additional "Earthrise" card. The Apollo 11 set includes three additional cards featuring Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface. The Apollo 12 set includes the 1997 painting "Reaching for the Stars" by Alan Bean. The Apollo 13 set includes NASA Chief Flight Director Gene Kranz.

Kennedy Space Center : Apollo 50 - Apollo 12 "Reaching for the Stars"

Apollo 50: Next Giant Leap
Apollo 7
Apollo 7 Insignia
Walter M. Schirra
Donn F. Eisele
R. Walter Cunningham
Apollo 8
Apollo 8 Insignia
Frank Borman
James Lovell
William Anders
Apollo 8 Earthrise
Apollo 9
Apollo 9 Insignia
James A. McDivitt
David R. Scott
Russell L. Schweickart
Apollo 10
Apollo 10 Insignia
Thomas P. Stafford
John Young
Eugene Cernan
Apollo 11
Apollo 11 Insignia
Neil Armstrong
Michael Collins
Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 11 Footprint
Walking on the Moon
First U.S. Flag on the Moon
Apollo 12
Apollo 12 Insignia
Charles Conrad, Jr.
Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
Alan L. Bean
"Reaching for the Stars"
Apollo 13
Apollo 13 Insignia
James A. Lovell, Jr.
John L. Swigert, Jr.
Fred W. Haise, Jr.
Gene Kranz / Failure is not an option
Apollo 14
Apollo 14 Insignia
Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
Stuart A. Roosa
Edgar D. Mitchell
Apollo 15
Apollo 15 Insignia
David R. Scott
Alfred M. Worden
James B. Irwin
Apollo 16
Apollo 16 Insignia
John W. Young
Thomas K. Mattingly II
Charles M. Duke, Jr.
Apollo 17
Apollo 17 / Eugene A. Cernan
Eugene A. Cernan
Ronald E. Evans
Harrison H. Schmitt