2001 Inkworks : American Pride Commemorative Sticker Cards

2001 Inkworks : American Pride Commemorative Sticker Cards

A Celebration of the American Spirit

2001 Inkworks : American Pride Commemorative Sticker Cards

American Pride Commemorative Sticker Cards were released on November 14, 2001, by Inkworks. The 45-piece sticker-card series showcases symbols and themes of American heritage. Boxes contain 48 packs with five cards per pack. The collection was released in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The sales sheet notes: "no reference or imagery of the events of September 11th have been included." A portion of the card sales were donated to the Red Cross Liberty Fund.

2001 Inkworks American Pride #31 - Symbol of Achievement

Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin appears uncredited on card #31, "Symbol of Achievement." Aldrin is pictured saluting the American flag on the Moon. The photograph was taken by Commander Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969.

The card text description reads, "The American flag was raised in space July 1969 when Neil Armstrong placed it on the moon." The eight-foot Lunar Flag Assembly (LFA) was deployed by both Armstrong and Aldrin. The astronauts were only able to plant the flag about 6–8 inches into the jagged lunar soil. The flag was later blown over from the blast of the Lunar Module Eagle ascent.

2001 Inkworks : American Pride Sell Sheet

1 A Celebration of the American Spirit
2 Spacious Skies
3 Waves of Grain
4 Mountains Majesties
5 Fruited Plain
6 America! America!
7 Grace
8 Thy Good
9 Shining Sea
10 Apple Pie
11 Baseball
12 Blue Jeans
13 Bald Eagle
14 Automobile
15 Music
16 The U.S. Constitution
17 Old Glory
18 Hail to the Chief
19 White House
20 U.S. Capital Building
21 Statue of Liberty
22 Washington Monument
23 Liberty Bell
24 Mount Rushmore
25 Thomas Jefferson Memorial
26 Lincoln Memorial
27 Declaration of Independence
28 Stars
29 Stripes
30 The History
31 Symbol of Achievement
32 Defending the Flag
33 Grand Ol' Flag
34 National Anthem
35 Flag Display
36 Pledge of Allegiance
37 Route 66
38 The South
39 The Mid-Atlantic
40 New England
41 The Midwest
42 The Southwest
43 The West
44 United We Stand
45 American Pride Checklist

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