2001 Topps : American Pie: Baby Boomers Baseball Edition

American Pie: Baby Boomers Baseball Edition was released by The Topps Company, Inc. on June 15, 2001. Each box contains 24 packs with seven cards per pack. The collection focuses on baseball stars, celebrities, and pop culture events of the 1960s and 1970s. The series was conceived by Alan Narz.

2001 Topps American Pie #126 - Space Race 1957–1969

"Space Race: 1957–1969" depicts the launch of Apollo 11 from Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969. The Saturn V launch vehicle carried Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the Moon.

Race to the Moon: In 1957, the Soviets' Sputnik became the first man-made satellite to orbit the earth. Americans, stunned by their Cold War competitor's success, felt a compulsion to win the "Space Race." Said President John Kennedy in '61: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon..." A year later, American John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. And on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon.

2001 Topps American Pie #129 - Man on the Moon 1969

Apollo 15 Lunar Module pilot James Irwin appears uncredited on card #129, "Man on the Moon: 1969." The photograph is from the lunar surface on August 2, 1971. The Lunar Module Falcon and the Lunar Roving Vehicle are also pictured. The photo was taken by Commander David Scott.

One Giant Leap... In the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy challenged NASA to put a man on the moon before the decade ended. Several Apollo missions prepared NASA for the big event. And on July 20, 1969, before a captivated television audience, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed their lunar module, Eagle, safely upon the lunar orb. Armstrong climbed down the steps and onto the surface. “It's one small step for man," he announced to the world, "one giant leap for mankind."

1 Al Kaline Detroit Tigers
2 Al Oliver Pittsburgh Pirates
3 Andre Dawson Montreal Expos
4 Bert Blyleven Minnesota Twins
5 Bill Buckner Los Angeles Dodgers
6 Bill Mazeroski Pittsburgh Pirates
7 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
8 Bill Freehan Detroit Tigers
9 Bobby Grich Baltimore Orioles
10 Bobby Murcer New York Yankees
11 Bobby Richardson New York Yankees
12 Boog Powell Baltimore Orioles
13 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles
14 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox
15 Carlton Fisk Boston Red Sox
16 Clete Boyer New York Yankees
17 Curt Flood St. Louis Cardinals
18 Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves
19 Tony Conigliaro Boston Red Sox
20 Dave Parker Pittsburgh Pirates
21 Dave Winfield San Diego Padres
22 Dick Allen Philadelphia Phillies
23 Dick Groat Pittsburgh Pirates
24 Don Drysdale Los Angeles Dodgers
25 Don Sutton Los Angeles Dodgers
26 Dwight Evans Boston Red Sox
27 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves
28 Elston Howard New York Yankees
29 Frank Howard Los Angeles Dodgers
30 Frank Robinson Baltimore Orioles
31 Fred Lynn Boston Red Sox
32 Gary Carter Montreal Expos
33 Gaylord Perry San Francisco Giants
34 Norm Cash Detroit Tigers
35 George Brett Kansas City Royals
36 George Foster Cincinnati Reds
37 Goose Gossage New York Yankees
38 Graig Nettles New York Yankees
39 Greg Luzinski Philadelphia Phillies
40 Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves
41 Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins
42 Jack Clark San Francisco Giants
43 Jack Morris Detroit Tigers
44 Jim Wynn Houston Astros
45 Jim Kaat Minnesota Twins
46 Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles
47 Joe Pepitone New York Yankees
48 Joe Rudi Oakland Athletics
49 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
50 Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants
51 Keith Hernandez St. Louis Cardinals
52 Bucky Dent New York Yankees
53 Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals
54 Ron Cey Los Angeles Dodgers
55 Luis Aparicio Chicago White Sox
56 Luis Tiant Boston Red Sox
57 Mark Fidrych Detroit Tigers
58 Maury Wills Los Angeles Dodgers
59 Mickey Lolich Detroit Tigers
60 Mickey Rivers New York Yankees
61 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies
62 Moose Skowron New York Yankees
63 Nolan Ryan California Angels
64 Orlando Cepeda San Francisco Giants
65 Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals
66 Phil Niekro Milwaukee Braves
67 Reggie Jackson New York Yankees
68 Reggie Smith Los Angeles Dodgers
69 Rico Carty Milwaukee Braves
70 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates
71 Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers
72 Roger Maris New York Yankees
73 Rollie Fingers Oakland Athletics
74 Ron Guidry New York Yankees
75 Ron Santo Chicago Cubs
76 Ron Swoboda New York Mets
77 Sal Bando Oakland Athletics
78 Sam McDowell Cleveland Indians
79 Steve Carlton Philadelphia Phillies
80 Thurman Munson New York Yankees
81 Tim McCarver St. Louis Cardinals
82 Tom Seaver New York Mets
83 Mike Cuellar Baltimore Orioles
84 Tony Kubek New York Yankees
85 Tommy John Los Angeles Dodgers
86 Tony Perez Cincinnati Reds
87 Tug McGraw New York Mets
88 Vida Blue Oakland Athletics
89 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves
90 Whitey Ford New York Yankees
91 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants
92 Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants
93 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates
94 Yogi Berra New York Yankees
95 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals
96 Jim Piersall Boston Red Sox
97 Duke Snider Los Angeles Dodgers
98 Bruce Sutter Chicago Cubs
99 Dave Concepcion Cincinnati Reds
100 Darrell Evans Atlanta Braves
101 Dennis Eckersley Boston Red Sox
102 Hoyt Wilhelm Atlanta Braves
103 Minnie Minoso Chicago White Sox
104 Don Newcombe Brooklyn Dodgers
105 Richie Ashburn Philadelphia Phillies
106 Alan Trammell Detroit Tigers
107 Jim Hunter Oakland Athletics
108 Lou Whitaker Detroit Tigers
109 Johnny Podres Los Angeles Dodgers
110 Denny Martinez Baltimore Orioles
111 Willie Horton Detroit Tigers
112 Dean Chance Los Angeles Angels
113 Fergie Jenkins Chicago Cubs
114 Cecil Cooper Boston Red Sox
115 Rick Reuschel Chicago Cubs
American Pie
116 Civil Rights Movement 1950s–1960s
117 Bay of Pigs 1961
118 Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
119 N.Y. World's Fair 1964–1965
120 Atomic Bomb Test Ban Treaty 1963
121 Kennedy Assassinations 1963 & 1968
122 Lyndon Johnson Signs Civil Rights Bill 1964
123 The Motown Sound 1959–1971
124 British Music Invasion 1960s
125 U.S. Troops in Vietnam 1964–1971
126 Space Race 1957–1969
127 Robert F. Kennedy 1925–1968
128 Peace Movement 1960s–1970s
129 Man on the Moon 1969
130 Woodstock 1969
131 Flower Power 1960s
132 Women's Lib Movement 1960s–1970s
133 Vietnam Cease Fire 1971
134 U.S. Gas Shortage 1970s–1980s
135 Watergate 1971–1974
136 Nixon Resigns 1974
137 Bicentennial 1976
138 Disco 1970s
139 Three Mile Island 1979
140 Iran Hostage Crisis 1979–1981
141 John F. Kennedy Camelot
142 Marilyn Monroe American Dream
143 Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll
144 Jimi Hendrix The Experience
145 Arthur Ashe Smashing Barriers
146 Richard Nixon Master of Diplomacy
147 James Dean American Rebel
148 Janis Joplin Pearl
149 Frank Sinatra Ol' Blue Eyes
150 Malcolm X Voice of Civil Rights
Baseball Autoproof
(1:4009) #/25
1 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
2 Vida Blue Oakland Athletics
3 Clete Boyer Atlanta Braves
4 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
5 Frank Howard Washington Senators
6 Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics
7 Tony Kubek New York Yankees
8 Mickey Lolich Detroit Tigers
9 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants
10 Tug McGraw New York Mets
11 Joe Pepitone Chicago Cubs
12 Bobby Richardson New York Yankees
13 Bill Skowron Los Angeles Dodgers
14 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves
15 Luis Tiant Boston Red Sox
16 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox
Decade Leaders
DL1 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates
DL2 Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins
DL3 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
DL4 Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves
DL5 Rod Carew Minnesota Twins
DL6 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates
DL7 Nolan Ryan California Angels
DL8 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
DL9 Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles
DL10 Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants
Entertainment Star Autoproof
(1:1071) #/500
1 Danny Bonaduce
2 Lou Ferrigno
3 Adam West
Profiles in Courage
PIC1 Roger Maris New York Yankees
PIC2 Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals
PIC3 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles
PIC4 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox
PIC5 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies
PIC6 Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves
PIC7 Tom Seaver New York Mets
PIC8 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants
PIC9 Graig Nettles New York Yankees
PIC10 Frank Robinson Cincinnati Reds
PIC11 Rollie Fingers Oakland Athletics
PIC12 Tony Perez Cincinnati Reds
PIC13 George Brett Kansas City Royals
PIC14 Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers
PIC15 Nolan Ryan California Angels
PIC16 Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves
PIC17 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
PIC18 Vida Blue Oakland Athletics
PIC19 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates
PIC20 Thurman Munson New York Yankees
Rookie Reprint Relics
BBRR-AD Andre Dawson Bat
BBRR-AO Al Oliver Jersey
BBRR-BG Bob Grich Jersey
BBRR-BM Bobby Murcer Bat
BBRR-BP Boog Powell Bat
BBRR-DE Dennis Eckersley Bat
BBRR-DS Don Sutton Jersey
BBRR-DW Dave Winfield Bat
BBRR-GB George Brett Jersey
BBRR-GC Gary Carter Bat
BBRR-JB Johnny Bench Bat
BBRR-JK Jim Kaat Bat
BBRR-JM Joe Morgan Jersey
BBRR-MF Mark Fidrych Jersey
BBRR-OS Ozzie Smith Bat
BBRR-RJ Reggie Jackson Jersey
BBRR-RY Robin Yount Jersey
BBRR--SC Steve Carlton Bat
BBRR-TM Tim McCarver Bat
BBRR-TM2 Thurman Munson Jersey
Team Topps Legends Autographs
TT1R Willie Mays 1952
TT14R Johnny Bench 1968
TT48R Bobby Richardson 1957
TT8R Carl Yastrzemski 1960
TT13R Warren Spahn 1952
TT15R Reggie Jackson 1969
TT18R Bob Gibson 1959
TT25R Luis Tiant 1965
TT29R Bill Skowron 1954
TT31R Clete Boyer 1957
TT33R Vida Blue 1970
TT35R Joe Pepitone 1962
TT37R Tug McGraw 1965
TT47R Frank Howard 1960
TT49R Tony Kubek 1957
TT50R Mickey Lolich 1964
Timeless Classics Relics
BBTC1 Sam McDowell 1966 Jersey
BBTC2 Sam McDowell 1970 Jersey
BBTC3 Frank Howard 1960 Jersey
BBTC4 Dick Groat 1961 Bat
BBTC5 Roger Maris 1962 Bat
BBTC6 Orlando Cepeda 1962 Jersey
BBTC7 Willie Mays 1963 Jersey
BBTC8 Carl Yastrzemski 1964 Jersey
BBTC9 Roberto Clemente 1965 Bat
BBTC10 Harmon Killebrew 1965 Bat
BBTC11 Brooks Robinson 1965 Jersey
BBTC12 Willie Mays 1966 Jersey
BBTC13 Tony Conigliaro 1966 Jersey
BBTC14 Frank Robinson 1966 Jersey
BBTC15 Carl Yastrzemski 1968 Homerun Jersey
BBTC16 Carl Yastrzemski 1968 RBI Jersey
BBTC17 Carl Yastrzemski 1968 BA Jersey
BBTC18 Hank Aaron 1966 Bat
BBTC19 Frank Howard 1969 Bat
BBTC20 Carl Yastrzemski 1969 Bat
BBTC21 Willie McCovey 1970 Jersey
BBTC22 Rico Carty 1971 Bat
BBTC23 Frank Howard 1971 Bat
BBTC24 Johnny Bench 1971 Bat
BBTC25 Willie Stargell 1972 Bat
BBTC-26 Steve Carlton 1973 Jersey
BBTC27 Norm Cash 1962 Jersey
BBTC28 Reggie Jackson 1974 Jersey
BBTC29 Willie Stargell 1974 Jersey
BBTC30 Mike Schmidt 1975 Jersey
BBTC31 Mike Schmidt 1976 Jersey
BBTC32 Mickey Rivers 1976 Bat
BBTC33 Tom Seaver 1977 Jersey
BBTC34 George Brett 1977 Bat
BBTC35 George Foster 1977 Bat
BBTC36 Graig Nettles 1977 Bat
BBTC37 Nolan Ryan 1977 Jersey
BBTC38 Nolan Ryan 1979 Jersey
BBTC39 Dave Parker 1978 Bat
BBTC40 George Foster 1978 Bat
BBTC41 Dick Allen 1973 Bat
BBTC42 Dave Parker 1979 Bat
BBTC43 Fred Lynn 1980 Jersey
BBTC44 Keith Hernandez 1980 Bat
BBTC45 Dave Winfield 1980 Bat
Woodstock Relics
BBWM-BB Bill Buckner Chicago Cubs
BBWM-BF Bill Freehan Detroit Tigers
BBWM-BR Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles
BBWM-CF Carlton Fisk Boston Red Sox
BBWM-CY Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox
BBWM-DE Dwight Evans Boston Red Sox
BBWM-DG Dick Groat Pittsburgh Pirates
BBWM-DS Duke Snider Los Angeles Dodgers
BBWM-DW Dave Winfield San Diego Padres
BBWM-FL Fred Lynn Boston Red Sox
BBWM-FR Frank Robinson Baltimore Orioles
BBWM-GB George Brett Kansas City Royals
BBWM-JP Jim Piersall California Angels
BBWM-JR Joe Rudi Oakland Athletics
BBWM-JW Jim Wynn Houston Astros
BBWM-MW Maury Wills Los Angeles Dodgers
BBWM-OC Orlando Cepeda San Francisco Giants
BBWM-RJ Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics
BBWM-RY Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers
BBWM-SM Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals
BBWM-TK Ted Kluszewski Chicago White Sox
BBWM-TP Tony Perez Cincinnati Reds
BBWM-WM Willie Mays San Francisco Giants
BBWM-WS Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates
BBWM-WS2 Max Yasgur Farm Authentic Dirt