1967 Lyons Maid : All Systems Go

All Systems Go was distributed in 1967 by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. of London. The 40-card series was distributed with ice cream products from the Lyons Maid brand. The series promotes the 1967 International and Universal Exposition (Expo 67) held April 28 to October 27, 1967, in Montreal, Quebec. The All Systems Go wall chart was sold separately by Lyons Maid.

The illustrated subjects include the Telstar communications satellite and the Surveyor 1 lunar lander.

1967 Lyons Maid : All Systems Go #40 - Soft Landing on the Moon

The series features artistic renders of Project Gemini objectives. "Inferno of Re-Entry" describes the extreme heat created by Gemini spacecraft bow shock during the descent to Earth. The module was constructed from titanium and nickle-alloy with beryllium shingles.

1967 Lyons Maid : All Systems Go #5 - Inferno of Re-Entry

"Man in Space" depicts an extravehicular activity (EVA) from a Gemini spacecraft. Gemini 4 astronaut Ed White performed the first American EVA on June 3, 1965.

1967 Lyons Maid : All Systems Go #20 - Man in Space

"Link Up in Space" depicts the Gemini spacecraft docked with the Agena Targeting Vehicle. On March 16, 1966, Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott performed the first docking of two spacecraft in orbit. The Agena Target Vehicle malfunctioned and began to tumble. The spacecraft was undocked and Armstrong regained control by engaging the Reentry Control System (RCS) thrusters. The mission was aborted and the crew made an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean, about 500 miles east of Okinawa, Japan.

1967 Lyons Maid : All Systems Go #38 - Link Up in Space

1 Expo '67
2 Pneumatic Truck
3 Airship Patrol
4 Underwater Ejector Seat
5 Inferno of Re-Entry
6 Submarine Launched Missile
7 Satellite Ground Station
8 Chunnel
9 Sky Crane
10 Atomic Icebreaker
11 Alvin The Scientific Sub
12 Space Glider
13 Safety Car of the Future
14 Defender of the Skies
15 Train in the Sky
16 The Versatile Hovercraft
17 Underwater Bubble House
18 Mobile Airport Lounge
19 Spirit of America
20 Man in Space
21 Egypt's Mighty Dam
22 Giant in the Sky
23 Fish Farming
24 Mechanical Muscles
25 Mr Louie
26 GPO Tower
27 Rocket Powered Back Pack
28 World's Largest Gun
29 Walking Truck
30 Fighter with a Sting
31 Switchboard in Space
32 Laser Rangefinder
33 Exploding Clouds
34 Folding Wing Aeroplane
35 Atomic Aircraft Carrier
36 Jet Propelled Train
37 The Flying Ship
38 Link Up in Space
39 Exploring the Moon
40 Soft Landing on the Moon