1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI Bread Cards

1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI Bread Cards

Men of Apollo XI cards were issued in 1969 by Advico, Inc. The illustrated three-card series was distributed with various brands of bread in the United States. One card was attached to each loaf of bread with a plastic clip glued to the back of the card. Each bread card measures approximately 2.75 x 2.75 inches (70 x 70 mm). The collection showcases the prime crew of Apollo 11: Commander Neil Armstrong, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins.

1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI - Neil A. Armstrong

"The first man to walk on the moon, civilian Neil Armstrong, 38, was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio. A superior student, he entered Purdue University in 1947, on a Naval Air Cadet scholarship to study aeronautical engineering. Called to active duty when the Korean War began, he flew 78 combat missions in Korea. Armstrong returned to Purdue and was graduated in 1955. Shortly after graduation he joined NASA's predecessor (N.A.C.A.) and flew the X-15 rocket plane. He was accepted for astronaut training in 1962 and commanded Gemini 8 in 1966. Neil and Janet Armstrong have two sons: Eric, 2, and Mark, 6. The family hobby is scuba diving."

1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI - Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.

"Air Force Col. Edwin E. Aldrin, 39, was the second man on the moon. Aldrin graduated third in a class of 475 cadets from West Point in 1951. He flew 66 combat missions in the Korean War. Aldrin earned his doctor of science degree from M.I.T. in 1963. During the flight of Gemini 12 in 1966, the radar failed. Aldrin worked out the computations himself. Aldrin keeps in shape with gymnastics and pole vaulting. His favorite pastime is to spend time on the New Jersey shore with his wife Joan and their children, Michael, 13; Janice, 12; and Andrew, 7."

1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI - Michael Collins

"Michael Collins, 38, orbited the moon in the mother ship Columbia while Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the moon. Mike was born in Rome, Italy, the son of Army Major General J. L. Collins. He was graduated from West Point in 1952. Mike had been assigned to Apollo 8 but developed a bone growth on his spine. He was given the choice of a long series of treatments or a risky operation to remove the growth. He chose the operation. Collins has made two space walks. His favorite pastime is to spend time at home with his family: wife Patricia; Kathleen, 10; Ann, 7; and Michael, 6."

1969 Advico : Men of Apollo XI
Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.
Neil A. Armstrong
Michael Collins

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