2020 Topps Heritage Baseball Trading Cards

2020 Topps Heritage Baseball Trading Cards

2020 Topps Heritage Baseball trading cards were released by The Topps Company, Inc. on February 26, 2020. The collection recreates the vintage design of the 1971 Topps Baseball series.

Each hobby box contains 24 packs with 9 cards per pack. Each blaster box contains 8 packs with 9 cards per pack. Value packs contain 20 cards. Hanger boxes contain 35 cards. Insert odds vary for each release.

The odds of finding a "News Flashbacks '71" insert are approximately 1:18 Hobby packs, 1:18 retail packs, 1:6 Fat packs, and 1:6 hanger boxes.

2020 Topps Heritage Baseball NF-7 - America Lands on the Moon, Once Again 2020 Topps Heritage Baseball NF-7 - Apollo 14 Launches

The 15-card "News Flashbacks '71" subset includes a photograph of Apollo 14 before launch on January 31, 1971. The Saturn V launch vehicle carried Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module pilot Edgar Mitchell.

"As with previous space flights, America's eyes were on Apollo 14 when the ship rocketed to the moon on January 31. All three networks broadcast the launch live, featuring hours of pre-flight coverage. The craft safely splashed down on February 9, with 96 pounds of moon rocks."

2020 Topps Heritage Baseball NF-13 - America Gets Mobile on the Moon 2020 Topps Heritage Baseball NF-13 - Lunar Roving Vehicle Used on Moon

Apollo 15 Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin appears uncredited with the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). The photograph was taken by Commander David Scott during EVA-1 on July 31, 1971. The Mons Hadley massif is visible in the background.

"On July 26, the United States' fourth mission to the moon included a roving vehicle. The astronauts were expected to drive it 22 miles through canyons and craters in order to find original lunar crust. The original "moon buggy" remains there, along with two others."

News Flashbacks '71
NF-1 Disney's East Coast Flagship Starts Slow
NF-2 A Coffee Juggernaut Is Born
NF-3 An Iconic Show Comes to a Close
NF-4 Daredevil Legend Cements His Legacy
NF-5 Stock Trading Is Automated for the First Time
NF-6 Frazier Comes Out on Top in the Bout That Captivates the World
NF-7 America Lands on the Moon, Once Again
NF-8 An Instant Classic Debuts
NF-9 The Doors Frontman Meets Tragic Demise in Paris
NF-10 Mankind Explores the Red Planet
NF-11 Intel Changes the Future of Computing
NF-12 A Cultural Arbiter Arrives on CBS
NF-13 America Gets Mobile on the Moon
NF-14 D.B. Cooper Disappears After Hijacking
NF-15 Worldwide Tributes After Satchmo's Death