2018 Upper Deck : Goodwin Champions

2018 Goodwin Champions was released on September 5, 2018, by The Upper Deck Company. The 150-card base series showcases athletes and celebrity personalities from a wide range of interests.

Each hobby box contains 20 packs with 5 cards per pack. Each hobby box guarantees 3 hits that can include on-card autographs, relics, patches, and 3D lenticular cards. Hobby boxes contain 7 mini parallels, plus 10 "Splash of Color" or Goudey inserts.

Mini parallels are found in 1:3.3 hobby packs or 1:2.5 e-Packs. Upper Decks e-Pack achievements awarded Royal Blue variants. Wood Lumberjack odds are 1:20 packs, Black Wood Lumberjack cards are serial numbered #/8.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 3 - Jay Apt Astronaut

Dr. Jerome "Jay" Apt III is a former NASA astronaut and current professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Jay Apt was selected for NASA Astronaut Group 11 in 1985. Dr. Apt has flown in space aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Endeavour. From 1991–1996, Apt served as Mission Specialist on four different Space Shuttle missions: STS-37, STS-47, STS-59. and STS-79.

"Dr. Apt has logged over 847 hours (35 days) in space, including 10 hours and 49 minutes on two space walks. He has flown around the Earth 562 times." (Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center)

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 53 - Jay Apt Astronaut

The base series features two photographs of Jay Apt, vertical and horizontal. Both cards are available in mini variants and blank back parallels. Upper Decks e-Pack achievements awarded Royal Blue and Purple variants.

"Splash of Color" insert odds are approximately 1:4 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 103 - Jay Apt Astronaut

Goudey insert card odds are approximately 1:4 packs. The 50-card subset is a tribute to the trading cards released by Goudey Gum Company from 1933–1941. Goudey Memorabilia odds are approximately 1:300 hobby packs and 1:600 e-Packs. Goudey Autograph odds are approximately 1:480 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Goudey G9 - Jay Apt Astronaut 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Goudey GM-JA - Jay Apt Astronaut Shirt

Jay Apt is included the 20-card 3D Lenticular set exclusive to Upper Deck e-Pack. The odds of finding a 3D Lenticular card are approximately 1:20 e-Packs.

Memorabilia insert overall odds are approximately 1:30 hobby packs and 1:300 e-Packs. The odds of finding a Jay Apt shirt relic are about 1:137 hobby packs. Premium Memorabilia cards are serial numbered.

Autograph insert overall odds are approximately 1:52 packs. The odds of finding a Jay Apt Autograph card are about 1:3,960 packs. "Inscribed Autographs" contain a signature and an inscription from the signer. Jay Apt wrote "4 Space Missions" and "35 on Days in Space." Each inscription by Apt is hand numbered to #/25.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs A-JA - Jay Apt Astronaut 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs A-JA - Jay Apt - 35 Days in Space

"Museum Collection Aviation Relic" inserts feature pieces of space-flown material from Space Shuttle orbiter missions that include Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavour, and Enterprise. The odds of finding a "Museum Collection Aviation Relic" are approximately 1:480 packs. The odds of finding Space Shuttle blanket relic are 1:3,030 packs. The odds of finding the Enterprise housing cover are 1:29,160 packs. "Museum Collection Aviation Jumbo Relic" cards were only available by mail redemption.

Base Checklist
Base 1–100
Purple / Royal Blue e-Pack Achievement, Blank Back SP, Printing Plates #1/1
Mini Parallel (1:3.3 hobby, 1:2.5 e-Pack)
Royal Blue e-Pack Achievement, Wood Lumberjack 1:20, Black Wood Lumberjack #/8, Blank Back SP, Printing Plates #1/1
1 Michael Jordan
2 Max Weinberg
3 Jay Apt
4 Shanshan Feng
5 Richie Ramone
6 Ryan Blaney
7 Ashley Wagner
8 Mark Coleman
9 Andre Silva
10 Serena Williams
11 Sofia Huerta
12 Aaron Pico
13 Dzanan Musa
14 Kayla Day
15 Graham Rahal
16 Matthias Dandois
17 Kai Greene
18 Phil Pritchard
19 Maame Biney
20 Tiger Woods
21 Lindsey Weaver
22 English Gardner
23 Nikko Landeros
24 Zecheng Dou
25 Ben Simmons
26 Frances Tiafoe
27 Wesley Bryan
28 George Bryan IV
29 Roberta Mancino
30 Patrick Roy
31 Harris English
32 Kyle Troup
33 Jose Santos
34 Jessie Graff
35 Makuakai Rothman
36 Ryan Harrison
37 Jaelin Kauf
38 Jacob Ardown
39 Olly Postanin
40 Wayne Gretzky
41 Tia Blanco
42 Marco Andretti
43 Louisa Chirico
44 Shelina Zadorsky
45 Mackenzie Dern
46 Yu Liu
47 Liang Wenchong
48 Mikaela Mayer
49 Lin Xiyu
50 LeBron James
51 Michael Jordan
52 Max Weinberg
53 Jay Apt
54 Shanshan Feng
55 Richie Ramone
56 Ryan Blaney
57 Ashley Wagner
58 Mark Coleman
59 Andre Silva
60 Serena Williams
61 Sofia Huerta
62 Aaron Pico
63 Dzanan Musa
64 Kayla Day
65 Graham Rahal
66 Matthias Dandois
67 Kai Greene
68 Phil Pritchard
69 Maame Biney
70 Tiger Woods
71 Lindsey Weaver
72 English Gardner
73 Nikko Landeros
74 Zecheng Dou
75 Ben Simmons
76 Frances Tiafoe
77 Wesley Bryan
78 George Bryan IV
79 Roberta Mancino
80 Patrick Roy
81 Harris English
82 Kyle Troup
83 Jose Santos
84 Jessie Graff
85 Makuakai Rothman
86 Ryan Harrison
87 Jaelin Kauf
88 Jacob Ardown
89 Olly Postanin
90 Wayne Gretzky
91 Tia Blanco
92 Marco Andretti
93 Louisa Chirico
94 Shelina Zadorsky
95 Mackenzie Dern
96 Yu Liu
97 Liang Wenchong
98 Mikaela Mayer
99 Lin Xiyu
100 LeBron James
Splash of Color
Royal Blue e-Pack Achievement, Blank Back SP, Printing Plates #1/1
101 Michael Jordan
102 Max Weinberg
103 Jay Apt
104 Shanshan Feng
105 Richie Ramone
106 Ryan Blaney
107 Ashley Wagner
108 Mark Coleman
109 Andre Silva
110 Serena Williams
111 Sofia Huerta
112 Aaron Pico
113 Dzanan Musa
114 Kayla Day
115 Graham Rahal
116 Matthias Dandois
117 Kai Greene
118 Phil Pritchard
119 Maame Biney
120 Tiger Woods
121 Lindsey Weaver
122 English Gardner
123 Nikko Landeros
124 Zecheng Dou
125 Ben Simmons
126 Frances Tiafoe
127 Wesley Bryan
128 George Bryan IV
129 Roberta Mancino
130 Patrick Roy
131 Harris English
132 Kyle Troup
133 Jose Santos
134 Jessie Graff
135 Makuakai Rothman
136 Ryan Harrison
137 Jaelin Kauf
138 Jacob Ardown
139 Olly Postanin
140 Wayne Gretzky
141 Tia Blanco
142 Marco Andretti
143 Louisa Chirico
144 Shelina Zadorsky
145 Mackenzie Dern
146 Yu Liu
147 Liang Wenchong
148 Mikaela Mayer
149 Lin Xiyu
150 LeBron James
Splash of Color Autographs (1:1,280)
SCA-AP Aaron Pico
SCA-AW Ashley Wagner
SCA-BS Ben Simmons
SCA-FE Shanshan Feng
SCA-FT Frances Tiafoe
SCA-KT Kyle Troup
SCA-MD Mackenzie Dern
SCA-MJ Michael Jordan
SCA-MW Max Weinberg
SCA-OB Jacob Ardown / Olly Postanin
SCA-RB Ryan Blaney
SCA-RR Richie Ramone
SCA-SO Shohei Ohtani
SCA-SW Serena Williams
SCA-WG Wayne Gretzky
Splash of Color Lenticular (1:160)
LS-DA Matthias Dandois
LS-DM Dzanan Musa
LS-EG English Gardner
LS-HE Harris English
LS-JS Jose Santos
LS-MA Marco Andretti
LS-MD Mackenzie Dern
LS-RH Ryan Harrison
LS-RR Richie Ramone
LS-SH Sofia Huerta
LS-SW Serena Williams
LS-TB Tia Blanco
LS-FE Shanshan Feng
LS-KT Kyle Troup
LS-PR Patrick Roy
LS-TW Tiger Woods
LS-WG Wayne Gretzky
LS-BS Ben Simmons
LS-LJ LeBron James
LS-MJ Michael Jordan
Splash of Color Lenticular Bounty
LS-BS Ben Simmons
LS-SO Shohei Ohtani
e-Pack Variant
1 Michael Jordan
20 Ben Simmons
25 Tiger Woods
40 Wayne Gretzky
50 LeBron James
51 Michael Jordan
70 Ben Simmons
75 Tiger Woods
90 Wayne Gretzky
100 LeBron James
101 Michael Jordan
120 Ben Simmons
125 Tiger Woods
140 Wayne Gretzky
150 LeBron James
Photo Variations
Red, Black
1 Michael Jordan – Week 4
2 Max Weinberg – Week 4
4 Shanshan Feng – Week 1
6 Ryan Blaney – Week 3
9 Andre Silva – Week 3
10 Serena Williams – Week 1
13 Dzanan Musa – Week 1
20 Tiger Woods – Week 4
25 Ben Simmons – Week 3
27 Wesley Bryan – Week 2
30 Patrick Roy – Week 1
32 Kyle Troup – Week 2
40 Wayne Gretzky – Week 3
41 Tia Blanco – Week 2
45 Mackenzie Dern – Week 4
50 LeBron James – Week 2
A-AP Aaron Pico
A-AR Jacob Ardown
A-AW Ashley Wagner
A-BR Miles Bridges
A-BS Ben Simmons
A-DA Matthias Dandois
A-DM Dzanan Musa
A-EC Emily Collins
A-EG English Gardner
A-FE Shanshan Feng
A-FT Frances Tiafoe
A-FT Frances Tiafoe "FT" Variant
A-FT Frances Tiafoe "Big Foe" variant
A-GB George Bryan IV
A-GR Graham Rahal
A-HE Harris English
A-JA Jay Apt
A-JG Jessie Graff
A-JK Jaelin Kauf
A-JS Jose Santos
A-KD Kayla Day
A-KT Kyle Troup
A-LC Louisa Chirico
A-LW Lindsey Weaver
A-LX Lin Xiyu
A-MA Marco Andretti
A-MB Maame Biney
A-MC Mark Coleman
A-MD Mackenzie Dern
A-MM Mikaela Mayer
A-MR Makuakai Rothman
A-MW Max Weinberg
A-NL Nikko Landeros
A-OP Olly Postanin
A-PP Phil Pritchard
A-RB Ryan Blaney
A-RH Ryan Harrison
A-RM Roberta Mancino
A-RR Richie Ramone
A-SH Sofia Huerta
A-SO Shohei Ohtani
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky
A-TB Tia Blanco
A-TW Tiger Woods
A-WB Wesley Bryan
A-WE Liang Wenchong
A-YL Yu Liu
A-YS Yuting Shi
A-ZD Zecheng Dou
Inscribed Autographs
A-AP Aaron Pico #/50 – Hands of Stone
A-AR Jacob Ardown #/25 – Hockey Quotes (4)
A-AR Jacob Ardown #/50 – Virgin Island League Star
A-AW Ashley Wagner #/25 – 3x US Nat Champ
A-AW Ashley Wagner #/25 – 16 World Silver
A-BR Miles Bridges #/40 – Go Green
A-BR Miles Bridges #/10 – It's not about me, It's about us
A-BS Ben Simmons #/10 – 18 ROY
A-BS Ben Simmons #/15 – Fresh Prince
A-DA Matthias Dandois #/50 – 6x World Champ
A-DM Dzanan Musa #/25 – 18 All ABA Team
A-DM Dzanan Musa #/25 – 2x Croatian League Champ
A-EC Emily Collins #/25 – Go Sooners!
A-EC Emily Collins #/25 – @emcollins13
A-EG English Gardner #/50 – 10.74 100M
A-EG English Gardner #/50 – 16 Gold Medal
A-FE Shanshan Feng #/25 – Jenny Money
A-FE Shanshan Feng #/25 – #1 World Ranking
A-FT Frances Tiafoe #/25 – 18 Delray Beach Champ
A-GB George Bryan IV #/25 – Bryan Bros Golf
A-GB George Bryan IV #/25 – 3x All-American
A-GR Graham Rahal #/25 – Youngest Indy Car Winner
A-HE Harris English #/52 – Go Dawgs
A-JA Jay Apt #/25 – 4 Space Missions
A-JA Jay Apt #/25 – 35 Days in Space
A-JG Jessie Graff #/25 – Be Your Own Hero!
A-JG Jessie Graff #/25 – Keep Climbing!
A-JK Jaelin Kauf #/25 – 18 Freestyle Athlete of the Year
A-JK Jaelin Kauf #/25 – 16 World Cup ROY
A-JS Jose Santos #/25 – HOF 07
A-JS Jose Santos #/25 – 4083 Career Wins
A-JS Jose Santos #/25 – 03 Kentucky Derby Champ
A-KD Kayla Day #/50 – US Open Junior Champ
A-KT Kyle Troup #/50 – #TeamFish
A-KT Kyle Troup #/50 – Afro Fish
A-LC Louisa Chirico #/50 – LOU
A-LW Lindsey Weaver #/50 – Play Like a Champion Today
A-LW Lindsey Weaver #/50 – 18 LPGA Rookie
A-LX Lin Xiyu #/25 – Chinese Signature
A-LX Lin Xiyu #/25 – Janet
A-MA Marco Andretti #/50 – MA 98
A-MB Maame Biney #/50 – Anna Digger
A-MC Mark Coleman #/25 – The Godfather of Ground and Pound
A-MC Mark Coleman #/26 – The Hammer
A-MD Mackenzie Dern #/25 – 7x IBJJF World Champ
A-MD Mackenzie Dern #/25 – Can't Stop Won't Stop
A-MM Mikaela Mayer #/50 – 16 National Champ
A-MR Makuakai Rothman #/25 – Sound Wave
A-MR Makuakai Rothman #/25 – 15 Big Wave World Champ
A-MR Makuakai Rothman #/25 – Keep Aloha Aloha
A-MW Max Weinberg #/10 – Mighty Max
A-NL Nikko Landeros #/50 – 3x Gold Medalist
A-NL Nikko Landeros #/53 – The Fury
A-OP Olly Postanin #/50 – Hockey Quotes (23)
A-OP Olly Postanin #/25 – Bangladesh Pro League
A-PP Phil Pritchard #/50 – Keeper of the Cup
A-RB Ryan Blaney #/25 – @Blaney
A-RB Ryan Blaney #/25 – First Win 6/11/17
A-RH Ryan Harrison #/25 – Harry
A-RM Roberta Mancino #/25 – World Record Holder
A-RM Roberta Mancino #/25 – 10,000+ Sky Dives
A-RR Richie Ramone #/25 – Too Tough to Die
A-RR Richie Ramone #/25 – The Ramones
A-SH Sofia Huerta #/50 – USWNT
A-SH Sofia Huerta #/50 – Go Broncos!
A-SO Shohei Ohtani #/5 – Japanese Signature
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky #/25 – canWNT
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky #/25 – 16 Bronze Medalist
A-TB Tia Blanco #/25 – Tiarah
A-TB Tia Blanco #/25 – 2x ISA Gold Medalist
A-WB Wesley Bryan #/25 – Bryan Bros Golf
A-WB Wesley Bryan #/25 – First Tour Win 4/16/17
A-WE Liang Wenchong #/50 – Chinese Signature
A-YL Yu Liu #/25 – 14 National Champ
A-YL Yu Liu #/25 – 18 LPGA Rookie
A-YS Yuting Shi #/25 – Ting Ting
A-YS Yuting Shi #/25 – Chinese Signature
A-ZD Zecheng Dou #/25 – Chinese Signature
A-ZD Zecheng Dou #/25 – Marty
Cut Signature
BF Betty Ford
BI Joe Biden
BK Boris Karloff
BS Bernie Sanders
CA Jimmy Carter
CD Charles G Dawes
CO June Collyer
DB David Brinkley
DC Dick Cheney
DQ Dan Quayle
DR Debbie Reynolds
DS Dinah Shore
EK Evel Knievel
GB George W. Bush
GF Gerald Ford
GG George Gobel
GM George Murphy
HC Hillary Clinton
HJ Harry James
JB Joan Bennett
JC Johnny Carson
JH John Hurt
JK Jack Klugman
JV Jon Voight
LS L.M. Shaw
LU Leon Uris
MF Milton Friedman
NR Nancy Reagan
OO Ozzy Osbourne
PJ Phil Jackson
TB Tony Bennett
TM Thurgood Marshall
VB Victor Borge
VT Verne Troyer
Canine Companions Patch
CC101 Airedale Terrier – Terrier
CC102 American Hairless Terrier – Terrier
CC103 American Staffordshire Terrier – Terrier
CC104 Australian Silky Terrier – Terrier
CC105 Australian Terrier – Terrier
CC106 Bedlington Terrier – Terrier
CC107 Border Terrier – Terrier
CC108 Brazilian Terrier – Terrier
CC109 Bull Terrier – Terrier
CC110 Cairn Terrier – Terrier
CC111 Cesky Terrier – Terrier
CC112 Dandie Dinmont Terrier – Terrier
CC113 Dutch Smoushond – Terrier
CC114 English Toy Terrier – Terrier
CC115 Glen of Imaal Terrier – Terrier
CC116 Irish Terrier – Terrier
CC117 Jack Russell Terrier – Terrier
CC118 Jagdterrier – Terrier
CC119 Kerry Blue Terrier – Terrier
CC120 Kromfohrlander – Terrier
CC121 Lakeland Terrier – Terrier
CC122 Manchester Terrier – Terrier
CC123 Miniature Bull Terrier – Terrier
CC124 Miniature Schnauzer – Terrier
CC125 Norfolk Terrier – Terrier
CC126 Norwich Terrier – Terrier
CC127 Parson Russell Terrier – Terrier
CC128 Patterdale Terrier – Terrier
CC129 Rat Terrier – Terrier
CC130 Russell Terrier – Terrier
CC131 Scottish Terrier – Terrier
CC132 Sealyham Terrier – Terrier
CC133 Skye Terrier – Terrier
CC134 Smooth Fox Terrier – Terrier
CC135 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Terrier
CC136 Teddy Roosevelt Terrier – Terrier
CC137 Toy Fox Terrier – Terrier
CC138 Welsh Terrier – Terrier
CC139 West Highland White Terrier – Terrier
CC140 Wire Fox Terrier – Terrier
CC141 Azawakh – Hound
CC142 Basenji – Hound
CC143 Basset Fauve de Bretagne – Hound
CC144 Bavarian Mountain Hound – Hound
CC145 Black and Tan Coonhound – Hound
CC146 Blue Gascony Basset – Hound
CC147 Bluetick Coonhound – Hound
CC148 Borzoi – Hound
CC149 Cirneco Dell'Etna – Hound
CC150 Finnish Spitz – Hound
CC151 Hamiltonstovare – Hound
CC152 Norwegian Lundehund – Hound
CC153 Plott Hound – Hound
CC154 Portuguese Podengo – Hound
CC155 Redbone Coonhound – Hound
CC156 Rhodesian Ridgeback – Hound
CC157 Saluki – Hound
CC158 Sloughi – Hound
CC159 Treeing Walker Coonhound – Hound
CC160 Whippet – Hound
CC161 Beauceron – Herding
CC162 Bergamasco – Herding
CC163 Black Russian Terrier – Herding
CC164 Boerboel – Herding
CC165 Bouvier Des Flandres – Herding
CC166 Canaan Dog – Herding
CC167 Cane Corso – Herding
CC168 Central Asian Shepherd Dog – Herding
CC169 Chinook – Herding
CC170 Dogue de Bordeaux – Herding
CC171 Italian Corso Dog – Herding
CC172 Komondor – Herding
CC173 Leonberger – Herding
CC174 Neapolitan Mastiff – Herding
CC175 Samoyed – Herding
CC176 Boston Terrier – Non-Sporting
CC177 Bulldog – Non-Sporting
CC178 Chinese Shar-Pei – Non-Sporting
CC179 Chow Chow – Non-Sporting
CC180 Dalmatian – Non-Sporting
CC181 French Bulldog – Non-Sporting
CC182 Keeshond – Non-Sporting
CC183 Lhasa Apso – Non-Sporting
CC184 Schipperke – Non-Sporting
CC185 Shiba Inu – Non-Sporting
CC186 Tibetan Terrier – Non-Sporting
CC187 Xoloitzcuintli – Non-Sporting
CC188 Affenpinscher – Toy
CC189 Bichon Frise – Toy
CC190 Bolognese – Toy
CC191 Brussels Griffon – Toy
CC192 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Toy
CC193 Chinese Crested – Toy
CC194 Coton de Tulear – Toy
CC195 Havanese – Toy
CC196 Japanese Chin – Toy
CC197 Papillon – Toy
CC198 Border Collie – Flying Dogs
CC199 Jack Russell Terrier – Flying Dogs
CC200 Border Collie – Flying Dogs
Exquisite Rookie Autograph #/99
09T-SO Shohei Ohtani
Exquisite Rookie Autograph Relic #/99
03T-BS Ben Simmons
Genuine Heroes Signatures
GH-BB Brenda Berkman
GH-DM Dakota Meyer
GH-FF Frederick Edgar Ferguson
GH-ID Israel Del Toro
GH-JM Jennifer Maddox
GH-KS Khali Sweeney
GH-MC John McLoughlin
GH-MM Maggie MacDonnell
GH-RR Ronald E. Rosser
Goodwin Masterpieces
GMAA-ADYH Albrecht Durer - Young Hare
GMAA-AGAR Albert Gleizes - The Astor Cup Races (Flags)
GMAA-AGBB Albert Gleizes - On Brooklyn Bridge
GMAA-AMPL August Macke - People at the Blue Lake
GMAA-CMJL Claude Monet - Jeanne-Marguerite Lecadre
GMAA-CSBB Mary Cassatt - Breakfast in Bed
GMAA-DRSL Diego Rivera - Still Life
GMAA-EMPB Edouard Manet - Moonlight Over the Port of Boulongne
GMAA-FRTA Frederic Remington - The Advance-Guard
GMAA-GCOA Gustave Caillebotte - Oarsmen Rowing on the Yerres
GMAA-GSBH Georges Seurat - The Black Horse
GMAA-HMLR Henri Matisse - L'Atelier Rouge
GMAA-HPTJ Howard Pyle - Thomas Jefferson Writing the Declaration of Independence
GMAA-HPWO Howard Pyle - A Wolf Had Not Been Seen at Salem for Thirty Years
GMAA-HRJL Henri Rousseau - Jungle with Lion
GMAA-JBCV Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - Cosiendo la Vela
GMAA-JBSS Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - Strolling Along the Seashore
GMAA-JDOH Jacques-Louis David - The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries (1812)
GMAA-JHAH Martin Johnson Heade - Amethyst Hummingbird with a White Orchid
GMAA-JMPV Joan Miro - Prades, the Village
GMAA-JMWS Jean-Francois Millet - The Wood Sawyers
GMAA-JSTR John Singer Sargent - President Theodore Roosevelt
GMAA-JVAP Johannes Vermeer - The Art of Painting
GMAA-JWTI James Abbott McNeill Whistler - The Thames in Ice
GMAA-KHPM Katsushika Hokusai - Plum Blossom and the Moon
GMAA-KHSS Katsushika Hokusai - Shower Below the Summit (Sanku Hakuu)
GMAA-KMMS Kazimir Malevich - Morning in the Village after Snowstorm
GMAA-MSSA Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni - The Torment of St. Anthony
GMAA-PCAF Paul Cezanne - The Artist's Father, Reading L'Evenement
GMAA-RAJA Raphael - Joanna of Aragon
GMAA-RRPA Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - The Prophetess Anna (Rembrandt's Mother)
GMAA-RRPM Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - Philosopher in Meditation
GMAA-SBPM Sandro Botticelli - Pallas and the Centaur
GMAA-TEBB Thomas Eakins - The Biglin Brothers Racing
GMAA-TGCG Thomas Gainsborough - Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher
GMAA-TGLB Thomas Gainsborough - Portrait of a Lady in a Blue Dress
GMAA-TIAP Titian - An Allegory of Prudence
GMAA-TIDG Titian - David and Goliath
GMAA-TLNB Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Napoleon Bonaparte
GMAA-VEBC Jan Van Eyck - Portrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon
GMAA-VGCR Vincent Van Gogh - Portrait of Camille Roulin
GMAA-VGFG Vincent Van Gogh - The Fourteenth of July Celebration in Paris
GMAA-VGOT Vincent Van Gogh - The Old Tower in the Fields
GMAA-WASR John William Waterhouse - The Soul of the Rose
GMAA-WBDP William Blake - Death on a Pale Horse
GMAA-WHBC Winslow Homer - A Basket of Clams
GMAA-WHDB Winslow Homer - Dogs in a Boat
GMAA-WHMO Winslow Homer - Moonlight
GMAA-WKIV Wassily Kandinsky - Compositition IV
GMAA-WTBT William Turner - The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
Goudey Base 1:4
Royal Blue e-Pack Achievement, Printing Plates #1/1
Goudey Mini Parallel (1:3.3 hobby, 1:2.5 e-Pack)
Royal Blue e-Pack Achievement, Wood Lumberjack 1:20, Black Wood Lumberjack #/8, Blank Back SP
G1 LeBron James
G2 Ryan Blaney
G3 Mackenzie Dern
G4 Harris English
G5 Tia Blanco
G6 Matthias Dandois
G7 Jaelin Kauf
G8 Frances Tiafoe
G9 Jay Apt
G10 Tiger Woods
G11 Shelina Zadorsky
G12 Kyle Troup
G13 Mikaela Mayer
G14 Phil Pritchard
G15 Max Weinberg
G16 Jessie Graff
G17 Marco Andretti
G18 Yuting Shi
G19 Ryan Harrison
G20 Ashley Wagner
G21 Graham Rahal
G22 English Gardner
G23 Michael Jordan
G24 Sofia Huerta
G25 Ben Simmons
G26 Kayla Day
G27 Nikko Landeros
G28 Emily Collins
G29 Makuakai Rothman
G30 Shanshan Feng
G31 Lin Xiyu
G32 Andre Silva
G33 Patrick Roy
G34 Kai Greene
G35 George Bryan IV
G36 Louisa Chirico
G37 Jose Santos
G38 Yu Liu
G39 Mark Coleman
G40 Wayne Gretzky
G41 Olly Postanin / Jacob Ardown
G42 Zecheng Dou
G43 Aaron Pico
G44 Lindsey Weaver
G45 Richie Ramone
G46 Maame Biney
G47 Dzanan Musa
G48 Roberta Mancino
G49 Wesley Bryan
G50 Serena Williams
Goudey Memorabilia
1:300 Hobby, 1:600 e-Pack
GM-DM Dzanan Musa – Basketball – Jersey
GM-EC Emily Collins – Golf – Shirt
GM-FT Frances Tiafoe – Tennis – Shorts
GM-GR Graham Rahal – Auto Racing – Shirt
GM-HE Harris English – Golf – Shirt
GM-JA Jay Apt – Astronaut – Shirt
GM-JS Jose Santos – Jockey – Pants
GM-KD Kayla Day – Tennis – Shirt/Skirt
GM-KT Kyle Troup – Bowling – Pants
GM-MD Mackenzie Dern – MMA – Sports Bra
GM-MM Mikaela Mayer – Boxing – Jacket
GM-MW Max Weinberg – Musician – Shirt
GM-NL Nikko Landeros – Sledge Hockey – Jersey
GM-RB Ryan Blaney – Auto Racing – Shirt
GM-RH Ryan Harrison – Tennis – Shirt
GM-RR Richie Ramone – Musician – Shirt
GM-SH Sofia Huerta – Soccer – Shirt/Shorts
GM-SW Serena Williams – Tennis – Leggings
GM-TB Tia Blanco – Surfing – Bathing Suit
GM-TW Tiger Woods – Golf – Shirt
Goudey Memorabilia Premium
GM-DM Dzanan Musa #/50 – Jersey
GM-EC Emily Collins #/25 – Shirt
GM-FT Frances Tiafoe #/10 – Shorts
GM-GR Graham Rahal #/75 – Shirt
GM-HE Harris English #/25 – Shirt
GM-JA Jay Apt #/50 – Shirt
GM-JS Jose Santos #/10 – Pants
GM-KD Kayla Day #/50 – Shirt/Skirt
GM-KT Kyle Troup #/25 – Pants
GM-MD Mackenzie Dern #/50 – Glove
GM-MM Mikaela Mayer #/25 – Sports Bra
GM-MW Max Weinberg #/75 – Drum Head
GM-NL Nikko Landeros #/50 – Jersey
GM-RB Ryan Blaney #/50 – Hat
GM-RH Ryan Harrison #/50 – Shirt
GM-RR Richie Ramone #/50 – Shirt
GM-SH Sofia Huerta #/50 – Shirt/Shorts
GM-SW Serena Williams #/25 – Leggings-GU
GM-TB Tia Blanco #/50 – Bathing Suit
Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia
SRM-BS Ben Simmons – Shirt
SRM-SW Serena Williams – Skirt
SRM-TW Tiger Woods – Shirt
Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Premium
SRM-BS Ben Simmons #/25 – Shoe
SRM-LJ LeBron James #/25 – Shoe
SRM-MJ Michael Jordan #/23 – Brick
SRM-SW Serena Williams #/25 – Shoe
SRM-TW Tiger Woods #/10 – Golf Bag
Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual
SRM2-BS Ben Simmons – Shirt-Shirt
SRM2-SW Serena Williams – Leggings-Shirt
SRM2-TW Tiger Woods – Shirt-Shirt
Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual Premium
SRM2-BS Ben Simmons #/25 – Shirt-Shirt
SRM2-MJ Michael Jordan #/23 – Brick-Floor
SRM2-SW Serena Williams #/25 – Shoe-Shoe
SRM2-TW Tiger Woods #/10 – Golf Bag-Golf Bag
Goudey Autographs
GA-AW Ashley Wagner
GA-BR Miles Bridges
GA-BS Ben Simmons
GA-DA Matthias Dandois
GA-DM Dzanan Musa
GA-GR Graham Rahal
GA-JA Jay Apt
GA-JG Jessie Graff
GA-MB Maame Biney
GA-MW Max Weinberg
GA-RB Ryan Blaney
GA-RH Ryan Harrison
GA-RR Richie Ramone
GA-SO Shohei Ohtani
GA-SW Serena Williams
GA-TW Tiger Woods
GA-WB Wesley Bryan
Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs
SRA-MJ Michael Jordan
SRA-SW Serena Williams
SRA-TW Tiger Woods
SRA-WG Wayne Gretzky
Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs
SRA-OS Ben Simmons / Shohei Ohtani
1:30 Hobby, 1:300 e-Pack
M-AP Aaron Pico – Shirt
M-AR Jacob Ardown – Shirt
M-AS Andre Silva – Jersey
M-AW Ashley Wagner – Shirt
M-DA Matthias Dandois – Shirt
M-DM Dzanan Musa – Jersey
M-EC Emily Collins – Shirt
M-EG English Gardner – Sports Bra/Top
M-FE Shanshan Feng – Shirt
M-FT Frances Tiafoe – Shirt
M-GB George Bryan IV – Shirt
M-GR Graham Rahal – Shirt
M-HE Harris English – Shirt
M-JA Jay Apt – Shirt
M-JG Jessie Graff – Bikini Top/Skirt
M-JK Jaelin Kauf – Bib
M-JS Jose Santos – Pants
M-KD Kayla Day – Shirt/Skirt
M-KG Kai Greene – Sweatshirt
M-KT Kyle Troup – Pants
M-LC Louisa Chirico – Shirt/Skirt
M-LW Lindsey Weaver – Shirt
M-LX Lin Xiyu – Shirt
M-MA Marco Andretti – Shirt
M-MB Maame Biney – Body Suit
M-MC Mark Coleman – Shirt
M-MD Mackenzie Dern – Shorts
M-MM Mikaela Mayer – Pants
M-MR Makuakai Rothman – Shirt
M-NL Nikko Landeros – Jersey
M-OP Olly Postanin – Shirt
M-RM Roberta Mancino – Shirt
M-SZ Shelina Zadorsky – Jersey
M-TB Tia Blanco – Shirt
M-WE Liang Wenchong – Shirt
M-YL Yu Liu – Shirt
M-YS Yuting Shi – Shirt
M-ZD Zecheng Dou – Shirt
Memorabilia Premium
M-AP Aaron Pico #/99 – Shorts
M-AR Jacob Ardown #/99 – Shirt
M-AS Andre Silva #/99 – Jersey
M-AW Ashley Wagner #/99 – Shirt
M-DA Matthias Dandois #/75 – Shirt
M-DM Dzanan Musa #/99 – Jersey
M-EC Emily Collins #/50 – Shirt
M-EG English Gardner #/10 – Sports Bra/Top
M-FE Shanshan Feng #/75 – Shirt
M-FT Frances Tiafoe #/25 – Shirt
M-GB George Bryan IV #/99 – Shirt
M-GR Graham Rahal #/99 – Shirt
M-HE Harris English #/25 – Shirt
M-JA Jay Apt #/25 – Shirt
M-JG Jessie Graff #/10 – Bikini Top/Skirt
M-JK Jaelin Kauf #/99 – Gloves
M-KD Kayla Day #/50 – Shirt/Skirt
M-KG Kai Greene #/99 – Sweatshirt
M-KT Kyle Troup #/25 – Pants
M-LC Louisa Chirico #/25 – Shirt/Skirt
M-LW Lindsey Weaver #/25 – Shirt
M-LX Lin Xiyu #/99 – Shirt
M-MA Marco Andretti #/99 – Shirt
M-MB Maame Biney #/25 – Body Suit
M-MC Mark Coleman #/75 – Shirt
M-MD Mackenzie Dern #/50 – Glove
M-MJ Michael Jordan #/23 – Brick
M-MM Mikaela Mayer #/99 – Glove
M-MR Makuakai Rothman #/50 – Shirt
M-NL Nikko Landeros #/50 – Jersey
M-OP Olly Postanin #/99 – Shirt
M-RM Roberta Mancino #/75 – Shirt
M-SZ Shelina Zadorsky #/99 – Jersey
M-TB Tia Blanco #/99 – Shirt
M-WE Liang Wenchong #/50 – Shirt
M-YL Yu Liu #/75 – Glove
M-YS Yuting Shi #/75 – Shirt
M-ZD Zecheng Dou #/75 – Shirt
Memorabilia Dual
M2-BS Ben Simmons – Shirt-Shirt
M2-DM Dzanan Musa – Jersey-Jersey
M2-FE Shanshan Feng – Shirt-Shirt
M2-FT Frances Tiafoe – Shirt-Shorts
M2-KT Kyle Troup – Pants-Shirt
M2-MB Maame Biney – Body Suit-Body Suit
M2-MM Mikaela Mayer – Jacket-Pants
M2-MW Max Weinberg – Shirt-Shirt
M2-RB Ryan Blaney – Shirt-Shirt
M2-RH Ryan Harrison – Shirt-Shorts
M2-RR Richie Ramone – Shirt-Shirt
M2-SH Sofia Huerta – Shirt-Shorts
M2-SW Serena Williams – Leggings-Shirt
M2-TW Tiger Woods – Shirt-Shirt
M2-WB Wesley Bryan – Shirt-Shirt
Memorabilia Dual Premium
M2-BS Ben Simmons #/25 – Shirt-Shirt
M2-DM Dzanan Musa #/25 – Jersey-Jersey
M2-FE Shanshan Feng #/25 – Glove-Shirt
M2-FT Frances Tiafoe #/10 – Shirt-Shorts
M2-KT Kyle Troup #/25 – Pants-Shirt
M2-MB Maame Biney #/25 – Body Suit-Body Suit
M2-MM Mikaela Mayer #/50 – Jacket-Pants
M2-MW Max Weinberg #/25 – Drum Head-Drum Head
M2-RB Ryan Blaney #/25 – Hat-Shirt
M2-RH Ryan Harrison #/50 – Shirt-Shorts
M2-RR Richie Ramone #/50 – Drum Head-Shirt
M2-SH Sofia Huerta #/75 – Shirt-Shorts
M2-SW Serena Williams #/10 – Leggings-Shirt
M2-WB Wesley Bryan #/25 – Shirt-Shirt
Museum Collection
Aviation Relics
MCA-109 Messerschmitt Bf 109 – Luftwaffe Uniform
MCA-111 Heinkel He 111 – Luftwaffe Trousers
MCA-129 Henschel Hs 129 – Luftwaffe Uniform
MCA-190 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 – Luftwaffe Uniform
MCA-202 Macchi C.202 Folgore – Regia Aeronautica Blouson
MCA-205 Macchi MC.205 Veltro – Regia Aeronautica Blouson
MCA-234 Arado Ar 234 – Luftwaffe Trousers
MCA-262 Messerschmitt Me 262 – Luftwaffe Trousers
MCA-A26 Douglas A-26 Invader – B-3 Flight Jacket
MCA-B17 B-17 Flying Fortress – B-3 Flight Jacket
MCA-B24 Consolidated B-24 Liberator – B-3 Flight Jacket
MCA-B25 North American B-25 Mitchell – USAAF C-1 Survival Vest
MCA-B26 Martin B-26 Marauder – USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet
MCA-B32 Consolidated B-32 Dominator – B-3 Flight Jacket
MCA-D17 Dornier Do 17 – Luftwaffe Uniform
MCA-DHM de Havilland Mosquito – RAF Wool Coat
MCA-F2A Brewster F2A Buffalo – USN Corduroy Flight Cap
MCA-F4U Vought F4U Corsair – USN Corduroy Flight Cap
MCA-FSW Fairey Swordfish – RAF Wool Coat
MCA-G50 Fiat G.50 Freccia – Regia Aeronautica Blouson
MCA-HAL Handley Page Halifax – RAF Wool Coat
MCA-HHU Hawker Hurricane – RCAF Flight Tunic
MCA-J52 Junkers Ju 52 – Luftwaffe Trousers
MCA-LAN Avro Lancaster – RCAF Flight Tunic
MCA-NAH North American Harvard – RCAF Leather Helmet
MCA-P39 Bell P-39 Airacobra – USAAF Cloth Flight Suit
MCA-P40 Curtiss P-40 Warhawk – USAAF Cloth Flight Suit
MCA-P47 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt – USAAF Cloth Flight Suit
MCA-P51 North American P-51 Mustang – USAAF 1944 Type A-11 Helmet
MCA-P61 Northrop P-61 Black Widow – USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet
MCA-P80 Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star – USAAF Cloth Flight Suit
MCA-SBD Douglas SBD Dauntless – USN Corduroy Flight Cap
MCA-SM8 Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 – Regia Aeronautica Blouson
MCA-SPI Supermarine Spitfire – RAF C Type Flying Helmet
MCA-SSA Space Shuttle Atlantis – Shuttle Orbiter Insulated Blanket
MCA-SSC Space Shuttle Columbia – STS-75 Insulation Blanket
MCA-SSE Space Shuttle Endeavour – STS-77 Blanket
MCA-SSN Space Shuttle Enterprise – Shuttle Orbiter Housing Cover
MCA-TEM Hawker Tempest – RAF Wool Coat
MCA-WWH Westland Whirlwind – RAF Wool Coat
Museum Collection Aviation Jumbo Relics
MCAJ-A11H USAAF Type A-11 – Flying Helmet
MCAJ-AERO WWII Regia – Aeronautica Wings
MCAJ-AFIP Air Force – Airman Insignia Patch
MCAJ-B17H USAAF B-17 – Crew Member Flying Helmet
MCAJ-C1SV USAAF C-1 – Survival Vest
MCAJ-CO75 Space Shuttle Columbia – Mission STS-75 MLI Blanket
MCAJ-DO17 Dornier Do 17 – Bomb Rack
MCAJ-F189 Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu – Aluminum Airframe Section
MCAJ-FCIP Air Force – First Class Airman Insignia Patch
MCAJ-I2AS Ilyushin Il-2 – Airframe Section
MCAJ-M110 Messerschmitt 110 – Airframe Structure Panel
MCAJ-RAFB Women's Royal – Air Force Coat Button
MCAJ-RAFC Women's RAF – Wool Coat
MCAJ-SC75 Space Shuttle Columbia – STS-75 MLI Blanket
MCAJ-SE77 Space Shuttle Endeavour – STS-77 Blanket
MCAJ-SOHC Space Shuttle Orbiter – Housing Cover
MCAJ-SUIT WWII USAAF – Cloth Flight Suit
FDR Presidential Legacy Relics
FDR-1 First Inauguration as President
FDR-2 Emergency Banking Act
FDR-3 Fireside Chats
FDR-4 Social Security Act
FDR-5 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
FDR-6 A Mighty Endeavor
FDR-7 FDR & Fala
FDR-8 Inaugurated a Fourth Time
FDR-9 Yalta Conference
RED FDR 5" x 7" Plaque with Cut Signature #1/1
Map Relics
National Parks Vintage Map Relics
NP-25 Mount Rainier - Crystal Mountain #/99
NP-26 Mount Rainier - Narada Falls #/99
NP-27 Mount Rainier - Emmons Glacier #/99
NP-28 Mount Rainier - Tipsoo Lake #/99
NP-29 Mount Rainier - Paradise #/99
NP-30 Mount Rainier - Christine Falls #/99
NP-31 Grand Canyon - Horseshoe Bend #/19
NP-32 Grand Canyon - Havasu Falls #/19
NP-33 Grand Canyon - Mather Point #/19
NP-34 Grand Canyon - Desert View Watchtower #/19
NP-35 Grand Canyon - Hopi Point #/19
NP-36 Grand Canyon - Mooney Falls #/19
NP-37 Sequoia - General Sherman Tree #/90
NP-38 Sequoia - Moro Rock #/90
NP-39 Sequoia - Tunnel Log #/90
NP-40 Sequoia - Mt. Whitney #/90
NP-41 Sequoia - Crystal Cave #/90
NP-42 Sequoia - Precipice Lake #/90
NP-43 Denali - Wonder Lake #/17
NP-44 Denali - Ruth Glacier #/17
NP-45 Denali - Mount Hunter #/17
NP-46 Denali - Mount McKinley #/17
NP-47 Denali - Mount Foraker #/17
NP-48 Denali - Kahiltna Glacier #/17
NP-49 Zion - Angels Landing #/19
NP-50 Zion - Virgin River #/19
NP-51 Zion - Court of the Patriarchs #/19
NP-52 Zion - Emerald Pools #/19
NP-53 Zion - Temple of Sinawava #/19
NP-54 Zion - The Narrows #/19
NP-55 Olympic - Lake Crescent #/38
NP-56 Olympic - Hoh Rainforest #/38
NP-57 Olympic - Ruby Beach #/38
NP-58 Olympic - Marymere Falls #/38
NP-59 Olympic - Mount Olympus #/38
NP-60 Olympic - Lake Quinault #/38
NP-61 Grand Teton - Grand Teton Peak #/29
NP-62 Grand Teton - Jenny Lake #/29
NP-63 Grand Teton - Mount Moran #/29
NP-64 Grand Teton - Hidden Falls #/29
NP-65 Grand Teton - Jackson Lake #/29
NP-66 Grand Teton - Cascade Canyon #/29
NP-67 Big Bend - Mule Ears #/44
NP-68 Big Bend - Emory Peak #/44
NP-69 Big Bend - Balanced Rock #/44
NP-70 Big Bend - Casa Grande #/44
NP-71 Big Bend - The Window #/44
NP-72 Big Bend - Boquillas Canyon #/44
World Traveler Map Relics
WT-51 Acropolis of Athens, Greece
WT-52 Arashiyama, Japan
WT-53 Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan
WT-54 Bagan, Myanmar
WT-55 Banff National Park, Canada
WT-56 Bay of Fundy, Canada
WT-57 Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal
WT-58 Blue Lagoon, Iceland
WT-59 Boracay, Philippines
WT-60 Brandenburg Gate. Germany
WT-61 Bromo Volcano, Indonesia
WT-62 Brooklyn Bridge, United States
WT-63 Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom
WT-64 Canon de la Angostura, Mexico
WT-65 Capitol Hill, United States
WT-66 Cappadocia, Turkey
WT-67 Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
WT-68 Central Park, United States
WT-69 Chichen Itza, Mexico
WT-70 Cinque Terre, Italy
WT-71 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
WT-72 CN Tower, Canada
WT-73 Coeur d'alene, United States
WT-74 Cologne Cathedral, Germany
WT-75 Crowsnest Pass, Canada
WT-76 Dunquin Pier, Ireland
WT-77 Easter Island, Chile
WT-78 Eiffel Tower, France
WT-79 Fairy Pools, Scotland
WT-80 Fernando de Noronha/ Brazil
WT-81 Florida Keys, United States
WT-82 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
WT-83 Gateway Arch, United States
WT-84 Great Barrier Reef, Australia
WT-85 Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
WT-86 Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Mexico
WT-87 Guggenheim Museum, Spain
WT-88 Kawasan Falls, Philippines
WT-89 Keukenhof Park, Netherlands
WT-90 Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
WT-91 Kremlin, Moscow
WT-92 Lake Bled, Slovenia
WT-93 Lavender Fields, France
WT-94 Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
WT-95 Macau, China
WT-96 Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
WT-97 Maroon Bells, United States
WT-98 Milford Sound, New Zealand
WT-99 Mill Network, Netherlands
WT-100 Millennium Park, United States
WT-101 Monaco
WT-102 Mont. St. Michel, France
WT-103 Moravian Fields, Czech Republic
WT-104 Mount Emei Scenic Area, China
WT-105 Mount Everest, China
WT-106 Mount Rushmore, United States
WT-107 Mount Vesuvius, Italy
WT-108 Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
WT-109 Namaqualand, South Africa
WT-110 Na'Pali Coast, Hawaii
WT-111 Newgrange, Ireland
WT-112 Niagara Falls, United States
WT-113 Okavango Delta, Botswana
WT-114 Old Havana, Cuba
WT-115 Oneonta Gorge, United States
WT-116 Pamukkale, Turkey
WT-117 Paro Taktsang, Bhutan
WT-118 Pebble Beach, United States
WT-119 Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
WT-120 Phuket, Thailand
WT-121 Pico Island, Azores/ Portugal
WT-122 Pictured Rocks, United States
WT-123 Plaza de Espana, Spain
WT-124 Prague, Czech Republic
WT-125 Prskalo Waterfall, Serbia
WT-126 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
WT-127 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
WT-128 Shanghai, China
WT-129 Shoshone Falls, United States
WT-130 Sintra, Portugal
WT-131 Socotra, Yemen
WT-132 Space Needle, United States
WT-133 Sri Harmandir Sahib, India
WT-134 Stonehenge, United Kingdom
WT-135 Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey
WT-136 Taj Mahal, India
WT-137 The Great Blue Hole, Belize
WT-138 The Shard, United Kingdom
WT-139 Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
WT-140 Tsarskoye Selo, Russia
WT-141 Turks and Caicos
WT-142 Udaipur, India
WT-143 Uluru National Park, Australia
WT-144 Vatnajokull, Iceland
WT-145 Venice, Italy
WT-146 Versailles, France
WT-147 Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
WT-148 Whitehaven Beach, Australia
WT-149 Windsor Castle, United Kingdom
WT-150 Wulingyuan Scenic Area, China
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book Illustration Relics
JB1 1894 - John Lockwood Kipling
JB2 1950 - Fritz Eichenberg
JB3 1968 - William Dempster
The Jungle Book Sketch Booklets
JBS-1 Mowgli
JBS-2 Bagheera
JBS-3 Chuchundra
JBS-4 Shere Khan
JBS-5 Raksha
JBS-6 Tabaqui
JBS-7 Rikki-Tikki Tavi
JBS-8 Father Wolf
JBS-9 Nagaina
JBS-10 Kotick
JBS-11 Baloo
JBS-12 Kala Nag
JBS-13 Gray Brother
JBS-14 Nag
JBS-15 Akela
JBS-16 Little Toomai
JBS-17 Sea Vitch
JBS-18 Darzee
JBS-19 Teddy
JBS-20 Buldeo
The Jungle Book Dual-Panel Sketch Booklets
JBDS-1 Shere Khan
JBDS-2 Darzee
JBDS-3 Kotick
JBDS-4 Nagaina
JBDS-5 Raksha
JBDS-6 Tabaqui
JBDS-7 Kala Nag
JBDS-8 Sea Vitch
JBDS-9 Bagheera
JBDS-10 Rikki-Tikki Tavi
JBDS-11 Father Wolf
JBDS-12 Akela
JBDS-13 Nag
JBDS-14 Gray Brother
JBDS-15 Baloo
JBDS-16 Mowgli
When Robots Rule the World
1:40 Hobby, 1:53 e-Pack, Benito Gallego Autograph #/25
R-1 Working Together
R-2 Lunch Break
R-3 Electric Love
R-4 Welcome to Robo Burger
R-5 Checkmate
R-6 Built to Win
R-7 License and Registration
R-8 A Shared History
R-9 One Happy Family
R-10 A Robot Walks Into a Bar...
R-11 Robot Rock
R-12 Taking a Stroll
R-13 Beach Bums
R-14 Uprising
R-15 Technology Bites
R-16 Traffic Jam
R-17 Update Error
R-18 Set Them Free
R-19 Robot Riot
R-20 Need More Power
R-21 Time's Up
R-22 Flood the Cities
R-23 A New Proclamation
R-24 The Front Line
R-25 Cyber Giant
R-26 To the Skies
R-27 Trouble Below
R-28 Striking Back
R-29 Production Problems
R-30 Unusual Allies
R-31 Shark Byte!
R-32 Terror From Above
R-33 Rerouted
R-34 Robot Renegades
R-35 Robots Rule the World
R-36 A New Empire
R-37 Lady Liberty
R-38 History Rewritten
R-39 State of the Union
R-40 A New World
R-41 Under New Management
R-42 Expanding the Empire