2015 Topps Baseball Series One

2015 Topps Baseball Series One was released by The Topps Company, Inc. on February 4, 2015. Each hobby and retail box contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. Jumbo boxes contain 10 packs per box with 50 cards per pack. Rack packs contain 36 cards. Hanger boxes contain 72 cards. Insert odds vary for each release.

The 30-card "Baseball History" subset includes 15 historical events from 20th century America. The odds of finding a "Baseball History" insert are approximately 1:8 hobby packs, 1:8 retail packs, 1:3 rack packs, and 1:2 hanger boxes.

2015 Topps Baseball Series One 6A - Apollo 11 2015 Topps Baseball Series One 6A - Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin is pictured with the Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969. Aldrin is seen unpacking the Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package (EASEP). The photograph was taken by Commander Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 lunar EVA. (AS11-40-5927)

Apollo was NASA's third human spaceflight program and the first to put people on the Moon, specifically with its 11th mission. Launched on July 16, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the lunar surface four days later, while Michael Collins remained in orbit, with Armstrong the first to lay foot on the sandy surface. "That's one small step for man," Armstrong said, one giant leap for mankind.

2015 Topps Baseball Series One 12A - Space Shuttle Columbia Launches 2015 Topps Baseball Series One 12A - Space Shuttle Columbia Launches

The "Baseball History" set includes the first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1 on April 2, 1981. The first space shuttle mission carried Commander John Young and pilot Robert Crippen. STS-1 launched exactly 20 years after the first spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961.

Columbia flew 28 missions, with the first and last making international headlines. On April 2, 1981, Columbia named after the American river – launched as the first reusable spacecraft. Propelled by two solid rocket boosters, the Orbiter Vehicle circled Earth 37 times before landing on a runway two days later. During a mission in 2003, Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry, and all seven astronauts aboard died.

Baseball History
1A Geneva Conference Begins
2A Polio Vaccine Announced as Safe
3A American Bandstand Debuts
4A Nixon / Kennedy Debate
5A MLK Leads March on Washington
6A Apollo 11
7A Top 40 Countdown Premieres
8A Gerald Ford Sworn in as President of U.S.
9A Apple Founded
10A ESPN's First Broadcast
11A CNN Begins Broadcasting
12A Space Shuttle Columbia Launches
13A Sandra Day O'Connor Sworn In
14A Live Aid Concert
15A Clinton Earns Democratic Nomination
1B Hank Aaron
2B Robin Roberts
3B Red Schoendienst
4B Ted Williams
5B Warren Spahn
6B Tom Seaver
7B Hank Aaron
8B Nolan Ryan
9B Reggie Jackson
10B Bruce Sutter
11B Darryl Strawberry
12B Fernando Valenzuela
13B Steve Carlton
14B Nolan Ryan
15B Ken Griffey Jr.