2008 Topps Heritage Baseball Trading Cards

2008 Topps Heritage Baseball Trading Cards were released by The Topps Company, Inc. on February 26, 2008. The collection recreates the vintage design of the 1959 Topps Baseball series.

Hobby and retail boxes contain 24 with 8 cards per pack. Blaster boxes contain 7 packs with 8 cards per pack, plus an extra 4-card pack. Each 8-card pack contains an individually wrapped piece of bubble gum.

Insert odds vary for each release. The odds of finding a "News Flashbacks 1959" insert are approximately 1:12 hobby/retail packs.

2008 Topps Heritage Baseball NF5 - NASA Introduces the First Seven Astronauts

The ten-card subset includes a photograph of astronaut John Glenn inside of a Project Mercury boilerplate. The photograph was taken by Ralph Morse for Life magazine in 1959. The original image has been flipped horizontally and recolored on the card.

They were poked, prodded, scrutinized and subjected to round after round of intense interviews. But when Project Mercury introduced America's first seven astronauts on April 9, 1959, their rigorous qualifying and training ordeals during the program's first year seemed eminently worth it. The "Mercury 7" accomplished six human- tended space flights during the five-year program and became national heroes.

2008 Topps Heritage Baseball NF8 - USSR's Luna 2 Becomes the First Man-made Object on the Moon

The Soviet spacecraft Luna 2 (Луна 2) is the first man-made object to reach the surface of the Moon. The photograph of the Moon that appears on the card front was not imaged by Luna 2.

It wasn't that impressive to the eye. In fact, Luna 2 looked like a cheap set prop in a low-budget sci-fi film. But the 860-pound, Soviet-made orb made history on September 14, 1959. That was when, after separating from the third stage of its SS-6 rocket, Luna 2 crashed into the moon some 33 1/2 hours after leaving earth. Luna 2's lunar impact made it the first man-made object on the moon.

News Flashbacks 1959
NF1 Alaska Becomes the 49th State
NF2 The Day the Music Died
NF3 Fidel Castro Becomes Prime Minister of Cuba
NF4 The Dalai Lama Flees to India
NF5 NASA Introduces the First Seven Astronauts
NF6 Kitchen Debate Between Nixon and Khrushchev
NF7 Hawaii Becomes the 50th State
NF8 USSR's Luna 2 Becomes the First Man-made Object on the Moon
NF9 In Cold Blood Murders Committed
NF10 Antarctic Treaty Signed